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Academics at Cascade Canyon

Our Academic Program

We are committed to keeping your teen on track academically while in treatment at Cascade Canyon. Every client’s program is highly individualized to meet their needs and we provide one-on-one, personal attention with certified teachers and educational support staff.

Our dedicated teachers empower our teens to rekindle their motivation, build self confidence and learn why education is important. Many teens are often not functioning well in school. This could be due to an undiagnosed learning disorder, mental health issue, or behavioral issues. Our goal is to stabilize the academic environment, build your teen’s academic confidence, and create a solid foundation for them to be successful when they return home. We work on improving functioning in all areas, and help teens see that they can be successful in school.

Assessments at the beginning of treatment include review of your teen's schooling-both their strengths and their challenges. Sometimes behaviors or school resistance are due to an undiagnosed learning disorder which we can get to the bottom of. We pay attention to individual learning styles, and use evidence-based therapeutic practices to address the issues that are causing an individual to struggle academically.

Our Licensed Teaching Staff

Our Learning Tracks

We offer various academic resources and options for teens at Cascade Canyon. Our licensed professionals work with each family to find the best way to keep them on track in school or earning a GED. Our programming is highly individualized so your teen can make the most of their time in treatment while getting an education and learning valuable life skills. All teens receive 2-3 hours of academic work per day, depending on their needs and current situation.


This track is for our clients who are currently enrolled in school. As part of the assessment process, our licensed staff coordinate with your teen's school district and teachers to explore all options. If your student is behind in school work, they may have the option to enroll in credit recovery classes. No matter what level your student is at, our teachers are dedicated to working with them 2-3 hours daily on self-guided learning and schoolwork. We also maintain a high level of communication with your teen's school throughout the program.

Life Skills

Our Life Skills track is for clients who are taking a break from school. Our licensed teacher follows a curriculum focused on money, budgeting, and other key parts of growing into a responsible adult. Teens will talk through future career options, benefits of saving money, what it takes to buy a house, etc.


Our GED track is for teens who are not enrolled in school and will likely not be returning. While we do not proctor the actual GED test, our licensed teachers have many resources teens can use to prepare for the test. With things like practice test, flash cards, and other reading material, our teachers are ready to offer help and keep your teen on track while in treatment.

What Learning Looks Like at Cascade Canyon

Every day at Cascade Canyon includes time for school work, as part of our comprehensive treatment program. To make learning as accessible as possible, there is a schedule that includes rules and consequences are laid out so everyone understands them. Laptops are provided to teens during school work hours if necessary, but internet use is highly monitored. No cell phones are allowed.

Time for school work takes place in a small group setting, while a licensed teacher comes around to assist each teen individually. Our academic program is designed to fit in with Cascade Canyon's treatment program without overwhelming your teen. Each student's needs are evaluated to ensure they get the best our of their time in treatment. We adhere to all IEP and 504 accommodations, and are committed to helping your teen succeed.

Academics at Cascade Canyon - FAQs

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