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Teen Academic & Vocational Support During Therapy

While at Sandstone Care, our fully dedicated academic and vocational adviser will empower each individual to rekindle their motivation, develop confidence, set college and career goals, and foster the skills necessary for independent living.

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Sandstone Care Teen and Young Adult Recovery Treatment

Benefits of Academic & Vocational Support

Our main goal is to help your teen succeed in all aspects of life. We want them to heal physically and mentally, but also to develop and set goals for themselves. Your child doesn’t have to be left behind just because they need treatment.

Recovery isn’t just getting off harmful substances. We go above and beyond to treat co-occurring disorders and to help your child develop skills that will allow them to fully integrate into all parts of life.

Whether it is Academic Support for those still in school or vocational support for our older clients, we have advisers that will assist in skill development, goal setting, and preparation.

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Why Teens Need Academic and Vocational Support during Treatment

When a teen is in treatment for substance use disorders, addiction, mental health conditions, or co-occurring disorders, they may need help juggling their school work as well.

If your teen is in need of a residential level of care, they will be asked to leave their friends, family, and school behind to attend treatment in a recovery-focused environment.

For teens, life and school are hard enough of a struggle, but with academic and vocational support, you don’t have to worry about them falling behind while they try to recover. Your teen can fully focus on treatment and getting back to being themselves again.

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How Sandstone Care Makes Academic Achievement Possible

Sandstone ensures our teenage clients do not fall behind in school during treatment by requiring participation in academic and vocational programs in conjunction with our therapeutic services.

While at Sandstone Care, our fully dedicated academic and vocational adviser will empower each individual to rekindle their motivation, develop confidence, set college and career goals, and foster the skills necessary for independent living.

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How Sandstone Care Achieves the Primary Academic Goal for Teens

Our primary academic goal for teens is to attain a high school diploma and master secondary course material in preparation for post-secondary education.

This achievement is made possible by:

  • A disciplined approach to study
  • Attention to individual learning styles
  • Using evidence-based therapeutic practices to address the issues that are causing an individual to struggle academically.

The academic program provides support sessions in order to keep participants on track with their schooling and progress through the completion of higher education. Alongside you and your teen, our academic adviser develops a roadmap to guide each teen to achieve their defined goals.

Benefits of Evidence-Based Therapy

EBTs are scientifically proven therapies that are guided by relevant data. Patient preferences are prioritized, which maximizes their options and adds flexibility to individual treatment plans. Evidence-based therapy is safe and consistent treatment, but most importantly, your recovery is not left up to chance.

Some additional benefits include:

Lasting Results

The American Psychological Association created the policies for EBT using the best research available. Their studies have shown that these therapy treatments work due to the combination of clinical training and science.

Highest Quality Treatment

Our licensed clinical staff is trained in therapy treatments that are proven to be effective. This means they had to learn and follow certain guidelines for how they provide care.

Clinically Effective & Cost Effective

Since these kinds of treatments are scientifically proven to be effective, the chances of relapse are less likely. This means you’ll be able to save more money in the long run.

More Accountability for Therapists

EBT requires specialized training in the different kinds of therapies. Treatment options aren’t based on the therapist’s mood, they are backed by training and scientific results.

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How Vocational Achievement is Made Possible

Our vocational program was developed in order to allow participants to set their own goals of achieving their desired lifestyle, career, or profession.

The goals for each individual are chosen at the discretion of you and your teen. This promotes your teen’s commitment to achieving these goals.

Alongside you and your teen, our vocational adviser then develops a roadmap to guide your teen in achieving their set goals.

Throughout the program, we develop accountability and build confidence for each individual as we track the progress towards attaining the participant’s goals.

Upon completion of the program, we celebrate the short-term accomplishments of each individual and promote continued development of the long-term goals.

The Continuum of Care

Care for wherever you are in your journey.

Access a full range of treatments for mental health and substance use disorders. Whether you need a safe transitional living community, inpatient care, or outpatient therapy, we have a program to help.

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