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Admissions at Sandstone Care

Rebuild your future with a compassionate and knowledgeable team at your side.

We’re here to help 24/7

Admissions Process

One step closer to changing your life for the better

You won’t have to take this journey alone.

At Sandstone you’ll get the compassionate, constructive, and confidential support you need to begin again.

The Admissions Process at Sandstone Care

We know your story is unique to you

And so is our admissions process.

Feel heard, seen, and more importantly, like help is here. Our admissions process is designed to understand your story so that we can make a plan for long-lasting/sustainable recovery – together.

At every stage, we’ll listen and make sure you get the support you need and deserve.

During the admissions process we’ll:

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Confirm our fit
You’ll be met by an admissions coordinator who’s equipped to assess your challenges and how Sandstone Care can help. Even if we’re not a good fit, you’ll leave the call with the resources you need to get help.
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Get confident about cost
We’ll walk you through the insurance process from start to finish with full transparency. Not insured? We can create a financial plan together.
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Set up care unique to you
You’ll schedule some time with one of our vetted clinicians and walk through your mental health or substance use challenges to prescribe the level of care that works best for you.
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Get complete guidance with insurance and cost

We want to clear as many obstacles as we can to support you and your family. That’s why we’ll quickly verify your insurance to provide you with the most accurate estimate of cost on your end.

Not insured? No problem, we’ll work with you to map out the financial plan that fits your circumstances.

Assessment Process

Redefine Your Life With Knowledgeable Clinicians At Your Side

Achieve successful long-lasting recovery by understanding your needs and how to best serve them. Once you’ve completed a brief introductory call, a Sandstone clinician will take a deeper dive into who you are and recommend the level of care you need.

  • A 15-minute meeting with your family for a full perspective
  • A one-on-one comprehensive assessment with the individual in need
  • Evidence-based screening on drug use, alcohol use, or trauma
  • Age-appropriate questions that reveal challenges and the life you desire

At Sandstone Care you’ll have the advocacy you need to rewrite your story with an empathetic and experienced team at your side.

Call (303) 223-6404 Verify Insurance

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The Continuum of Care

Care for wherever you are in your journey.

Access a full range of treatments for mental health and substance use disorders. Whether you need a safe transitional living community, inpatient care, or outpatient therapy, we have a program to help.

Learn more about levels of care


No matter where you are – we’re here to help

Whether it’s trauma, substance use, or life stressors we have a facility with staff ready and willing to help. We have treatment centers in Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, and Illinois.

Explore our locations

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Will we always recommend Sandstone?

The truth is we may not always be the right fit for you and your family. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to help. Give us a call and we’ll help guide you to whatever the next right step is — even if it’s not with us.

Our friendly and helpful admissions team can help determine if Sandstone Care could be a good fit. If we feel it is not a good fit for you, we will help connect you with other programs or resources to better support you.

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Start your journey to better

With a team that truly understands your story, challenges, and dreams. Together, we’ll get you to better.