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Care for Young Adults

Addiction and Mental Health Services for Young Adults

We can help you create lasting, positive change in your life.

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We’re here to help 24/7

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Young Adult Treatment Overview

Helping Young Adults Find Healing

As a young adult, you’re constantly taking on new responsibilities, navigating uncertainties, and facing societal pressures. It’s no surprise that this challenging stage of life can leave people feeling vulnerable. As a result, mental health issues become more common, and substance misuse becomes more frequent.

At Sandstone Care, our holistic and personalized methods help young adults feel like themselves again. Our expert clinicians and medical professionals work with you to identify the root of your struggles, find actionable solutions, and provide the support you need to truly thrive.

Whether you need mental health support or addiction treatment, our evidence-based programs are proven to help you heal.

How We Are Different

Sandstone Care aims to drive positive lasting change in real people. We understand that you have unique circumstances, so we offer a more personalized experience than you would find anywhere else.

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Age-Specific Care
Age-Specific Care

We are age-specific, not gender-specific. We focus on the unique circumstances that you face at your specific stage of life.

Evidence-Based Therapy
Evidence-Based Therapy

We only use treatment interventions that have been scientifically proven to provide consistent, lasting recovery.

Small Group Sizes
Small Group Sizes

You are more than a number, which is why we provide an intimate setting where your voice can be heard.

Individualized Treatment Plans
Individualized Treatment Plans

No one person is the same, and neither is their recovery journey. Your treatment program will be tailored to your unique needs.

Academic and Vocational Support
Academic and Vocational Support

We want you to get the most out of life, which means feeling your best in the classroom or at your job.

The Family Component
The Family Component

Recovery involves the entire family, so we provide support for the whole family system.

What Clients Are Saying

A young man, Robert, smiles at the interviewer.
Robert’s Story

“I had no idea what to expect for Sandstone, but it was everything I needed and more. Everybody (at Sandstone) really cares about what they’re doing and cares to see everybody get better.”

Alex's Alumni testimonial
Alex’s Story

“Things progressed where I was at the point that I wanted to die…My life now is very different after going through treatment at Sandstone…The people here, they really care.”

Sandstone Care's alumni smiling
Jesse’s Story

“Sandstone helped me to dig deep… and it taught me how to have a relationship with myself and relationships with others again. I was able to take the mask off, and I don’t have to put it back on.”

Sandstone Care Advantage

The Obvious Choice for Effective Treatment

At Sandstone Care, we believe in personalized and specialized care. Unlike generic treatment approaches, we understand that each person’s circumstances are unique.

Using thorough assessments, our licensed therapists and medical professionals gain a deeper understanding of your background, challenges, and goals. We then equip you and your family with the necessary tools to support your recovery journey.

With our full continuum of care, you’ll receive the right level of support at every stage. Whether you need high-support inpatient care, or just a few hours of outpatient treatment a week, our expert team will collaborate with you to find your best fit.

Your Day at Sandstone

Our evidence-based treatments and thoughtful programming create a positive space in which you can develop healthy habits.

While specific programming varies based on your level of care, you can explore our various kinds of programming and support services here:

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Exercise & nature

Become a healthier, happier person through fun and physical therapies, such as yoga, tai chi, hiking, and outdoor activities.

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Vocational support

Discover your innate abilities and interests. Our experienced mentors and staff support you in mapping out your path and following through with your goals.

Expressive activities

Be your true self and explore interests that best serve your well-being and development with a range of activities, from journaling to art therapy.

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Positive relationships

Build a fun and positive community of peers who are also in recovery, so that you can have a more joyful and connected life.

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Not only was the group supportive, but the support from the staff was amazing.

I initially came to Sandstone for IOP and it helped me get through a really though time in my life. I ended up staying through OP and I would recommend it to anyone that needs support with their mental health.

Megan H.
Former Client

Benefits of Evidence-Based Therapy

Evidence-based therapies (EBTs) use treatment modalities that are proven to be effective through scientific research. That means you can trust that the skills you gain from Sandstone are actually usable and relevant to your life.

EBTs like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) provide real, life-changing results that can pave the way for long-term recovery.

Some additional benefits include:

Lasting Results

The American Psychological Association created the policies for EBTs using the best research available. Studies have shown that these therapy treatments lead to longer-lasting results.

Cost Effective

Since these kinds of treatments are scientifically proven to be more effective, the chances of relapse are less likely, which means less money spent on future treatments.

More Accountability for Therapists

EBTs require specialized training in the different kinds of therapies, which means you are guaranteed qualified, verified therapists are in charge of your care.

Clinically Effective

EBTs are safe and proven treatments, so you can feel confident that your recovery is not left up to chance.

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The Continuum of Care

Care for wherever you are in your journey.

Access a full range of treatments for mental health and substance use disorders. Whether you need a safe transitional living community, inpatient care, or outpatient therapy, we have a program to help.

Learn more about levels of care

5-21 days of 24/7 on-site medical supervision.

Our Medically-Assisted Detox and Inpatient Center offers private rooms and 24/7 medically supervised care to support a safe recovery from drugs and alcohol, followed by comprehensive treatment that addresses your physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs.

A clinician examining a patient at Virginia Medical Detox Center.
Detox Explained

2-6 Months

Our Transitional Living Program combines the structure of treatment and group living, with the freedom of living away from home.

This level of care is for young adults (18-30) who are not quite ready to heal from home. A safe and supportive living environment integrated with a PHP or IOP level of care so you learn life skills and healthy coping mechanisms in an environment that’s set up for your success.

Group outside in Sandstone Care
Transitional Living Overview

4 weeks of on-site day treatment.

Our Young Adult Day Treatment Program, also known as Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), is a highly structured level of care for young adults that offers five days of robust programming a week.

Our two distinct mental health and substance use tracks help young adults to stabilize, begin to understand their mental health and/or addiction struggles, and heal from them. We strive to help our clients become more like the person they want to be without using negative coping strategies or substances to get there.

Woman explaining treatment at Sandstone Care
Day Treatment Explained

12 weeks of on-site or virtual treatment.

Our Young Adult IOP, or Intensive Outpatient Program, offers two distinct tracks to address young adult needs, each track consisting of 3-4 days of weekly programming.

In our mood disorder track, we are able to focus on mental health, depression, trauma, and anxiety. In our dual diagnosis track, we are able to support young adults with substance use and mental health challenges. Each focuses on developing positive social, academic, and vocational habits while continuing with their job or school responsibilities.

Seated woman explaining IOP at Sandstone Care
Intensive Outpatient Program Explained
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Supporting the Young Adult in Your Life

Studies show that loneliness and isolation are just as big of a threat to public health as substance use. That’s why we believe the key to successful recovery is involving the family in treatment.

While you or your loved one goes through treatment, our clinicians and family therapists will help family members resolve conflicts, cope with stressors, and re-establish fractured relationships.

Contact our admissions team and find out how we help families develop positive relationships to create a strong foundation for a recovery support system.

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We’re available 7 days a week to help answer any questions you may have.


You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Our main goal is to provide the most helpful information. Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions. We are open and available to help in any way we can.

The amount of treatment you need is highly individual and depends on your specific situation. At Sandstone Care, we approach treatment planning by considering you as a whole person rather than just focusing on isolated drug use or a mental health disorder.

Our treatment services are tailored to meet your unique needs and ensure your well-being. Our comprehensive assessments will be able to determine how much treatment you need and for how long.

And if you need treatment that we don’t provide within Sandstone, we can make you a referral to ensure you get the care you need.

Yes! The first step in finding out whether our services are right for you is to complete our Insurance Verification to see if we accept your health insurance. Please note that we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

IOP stands for “Intensive Outpatient Program.” This highly flexible level of care involves just 16 hours per week of treatment, so you can keep up with your school or work obligations while receiving recovery services. It’s a great way to get the help you need without causing major disruptions to your daily life.

At your local Sandstone Care treatment facility, you’ll find a community of like-minded young adults who are also on the path to healing. Many of them might be experiencing similar mental health issues as you, or grappling with substance use disorders.

However, the safety and well-being of everyone in our care is our top priority. Severe conditions or behavioral issues that might disrupt the treatment environment are carefully screened out during the admissions process. This ensures that everyone in treatment is a good fit for the supportive and nurturing community we create at Sandstone.

Both our mental health programs and our substance abuse treatment have multiple levels of care that provide treatment at various intensities. During your introductory assessment, a psychiatrist will be there to listen to your story and determine the most appropriate level of care for you.

Whether it’s our Residential Treatment Program for a more intensive experience, Day Treatment for structured support, or the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for a step-down approach that allows you to manage daily commitments – the goal is to find the perfect fit that supports your journey to wellness.

Yes. While our outpatient centers treat both teens and young adults, our programming includes a teen track, which is for teens ages 13-17, and a young adult track for individuals ages 18-30.

In our support groups, you will meet young adults who are recovering from misusing a variety of substances, including alcohol, marijuana, stimulants, opioids, and more, but you will all have the shared experience of recovery.

Yes. Sandstone Care works with young adults who are struggling with substance use as well as mental health disorders.

Additionally, our substance use disorder (SUD) programming also includes treatment for any underlying mental health conditions that may have led to alcohol or drug abuse, called “co-occurring disorders.”


If you have struggled to stop using a substance or drinking alcohol on your own, you may benefit from entering a detox program.

Detox provides a highly structured environment in which you can safely withdrawal under medical supervision. If you need a little help to get started on the road to recovery, our detox level of care might be just what you need. Reach out to our admissions team to day to learn more.

Our clinical team is made up of a group of highly qualified treatment providers who are all dedicated to helping teens and young adults reclaim their lives from mental health issues, alcohol use disorders, and substance use disorders.

This team includes medical doctors, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, family therapists, and teachers. All of our clinical staff are experts in providing addiction and mental health treatment.

You can begin the process by calling our admissions department at (888) 850-1890, or you can use our Nearby Center locator page to find a Sandstone Care center near you.

If you or a loved one are experiencing an emergency mental health crisis, visit SAMHSA’s website at or call the suicide prevention helpline at 988.

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Let’s Take the Next Steps Together

We understand taking the first step is difficult. There is no shame or guilt in asking for help or more information. We are here to support you in any way we can.