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Care for Teens

Teen Addiction Treatment Center for Substance Use Disorders

Access levels of care designed to help teens with substance use disorders address the underlying drivers of addiction — and start recovery.

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Getting Your Teen or Young Adult to Treatment

Teen Addiction Treatment Center

Change trajectory with teen addiction treatment

Let’s address substance use disorders in teens together.

Our comprehensive and individualized methods can achieve the highest rate of success because we address issues while clients are still in their developmental years. We help teenagers address critical developmental needs in a way that restores family relationships instead of further straining them.

Find hope and a path to a better tomorrow.

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Addiction Treatments

Get specific substance use treatment for teens

We deliver evidence-based treatment at teen addiction treatment centers in a number of areas.

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Marijuana, also referred to as weed, is one of the most commonly used drugs among young people, along with alcohol and tobacco.


Alcohol addiction, also known as an alcohol use disorder, refers to the inability to control drinking despite negative consequences.


Hallucinogens can lead to a variety of risks and negative health effects, but there is hope with teen hallucinogen addiction treatment.


Opioids refer to a class of drugs that includes substances such as heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone, codeine, morphine, and others.


Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid commonly compared to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent.

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Kind, compassionate, and wonderful…

“Our teen has been attending an intensive outpatient program for a little over a month. So far, each member of the staff we have met from the intake person to the therapists have been very kind, compassionate, and wonderful.”

Andi C.

How We Are Different

Sandstone Care aims to drive positive lasting change in real people. We understand that you have a life, so we offer a more personalized experience than you would find anywhere else.

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Age-Specific Care

We are age-specific, not gender-specific. We focus on the unique circumstances that teens and young adults face.

Evidence-Based Therapy

We only use treatment interventions that have been scientifically proven to provide consistent, lasting recovery.

Small Group Sizes

You are not a number, that’s why we provide a comfortable setting where your voice can be heard.

Individualized Treatment Plans

No one person is the same, and neither is their recovery journey. Your treatment program will be tailored to your unique needs.

Academic and Vocational Support

We want clients to get the most out of life, which means doing their best in the classroom or at their job.

The Family Component

Recovery involves the entire family, so we provide support for the whole family system.

teen specific approach

Giving you the freedom to be

Be seen. Be heard. Be valued.

We can’t change people. We can’t change families. But we can empower you with the tools, steps, and community you need for long-lasting change.

At our teen addiction treatment centers, we help you do just this. Our programs include various experiential therapies such as art therapy, yoga, physical activities, and outdoor adventures to help teens become their happiest, healthiest selves.

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Teen-Specific Approach

Explore different therapy options

Change isn’t static. Change happens when you — and only you — decide. As a teen addiction treatment center, our job isn’t to make you change. It’s to empower you as you seek something different.

Our programs include various experiential therapies such as art therapy, yoga, physical activities, and outdoor adventures to help teens become their happiest, healthiest selves.

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Individual therapy

Work one-on-one with an experienced teen therapist to identify and address the underlying root causes of addiction.

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Group therapy

Build resilience, test using your tools, and develop a community of support during your addiction treatment process.

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Evidence-based therapies

Learn more about the evidence-based addiction therapies for teens that we use to create long-lasting change beyond the walls of our programming.

Medication management

Explore how our team uses medication management responsibly to empower teens in conjunction with our evidence-based therapies to help them build responsibility.

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Family therapy

Engage your family in your recovery process. Substance use disorder doesn’t happen in isolation, and treating the whole system is more effective.

Icon Dual Diagnosis

Address substance use disorder and frequently co-occurring mental health needs, like anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

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Academic and vocational treatment

Set goals and develop organization skills to help you find stability in school, at home and in social environments.

Family involvement

We treat the entire family system to address teen addiction.

A substance use disorder does not happen in isolation. We will involve your family at every stage of the treatment process. We won’t focus exclusively on you.

Learn more about family involvement

Explore resources for parents


It’s vital that your family is involved in treatment to better understand dynamics that might have influenced substance use disorder.

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Your family will be held accountable by family counselors and therapists as we work together to strengthen your foundations.

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As treatment progresses, family therapy and group therapy play an important role in safely connecting outside of an individual therapy environment.

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We’re available 7 days a week to help answer any questions you may have.

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The Continuum of Care

Care for Wherever You Are in Your Journey

Access a full range of treatments for mental health and substance use disorders. Whether you need a safe transitional living community, inpatient care, or outpatient therapy, we have a program to help.

Learn more about levels of care

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Get the tools you need for addiction and mental health needs.

Addiction and mental health often go hand-in-hand. Work on both at Sandstone.

Often teens struggling with drug and alcohol use also have underlying mental health or behavioral disorders such as depression, anxiety, or personality disorders. Our clinical team focuses on helping the teen and their family identify and improve these underlying concerns.

Learn more about dual diagnosis treatment

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Ask any teen substance use disorder question on your mind.

Check out our selection of frequently asked questions — or call us today to ask anything.

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Realizing that you need help is a big step, but coming to that conclusion may take some time. There are several signs that getting help is necessary, such as struggling with mental health issues like depression or anxiety. Some other signs may include:

  • Trying, and failing, to quit using on your own
  • Drug or alcohol use has become your first priority
  • Having difficulty maintaining relationships with friends and family
  • Abandoning school, work, or social activities in favor of substance use
  • Engaging in risky behaviors or acts of self-harm
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not using
  • Consistently using drugs or alcohol regardless of negative consequences or problems caused by substance use

The amount of treatment needed varies greatly and depends on one’s individual needs. At Sandstone Care, we believe in treating our clients as a whole person instead of just treating their substance use disorder or mental health disorders in isolation. Our program is individualized to meet those specific needs and as such length of stay may vary. Navigate to one of our specific teen treatment programs to see the standard timeline for each.

Teen Residential or inpatient treatment can be necessary in certain instances. We recommend completing a comprehensive clinical assessment with a licensed professional to help determine the appropriate level of care required.

An assessment at Sandstone Care is simply a conversation. It includes one of our licensed therapists, the individual who is considering the program, and any of their family members that they feel supported by. The purpose of the assessment is to better understand the individual’s unique needs and situation, as well as to determine how appropriate our program is for you and which level of care is medically and clinically necessary. The assessment process typically happens in person at one of our offices and lasts around an hour and a half to two hours.

IOP stands for “Intensive Outpatient Program”. IOP programs are most helpful for teens who have completed a higher level of care (such as residential treatment) and need to step down, and for teens who struggle with substance use or mental health concerns but want to limit interrupting school and work.

Our after-school teen IOP offers up to 17 hours per week of clinical services including group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy sessions, academic and vocational support, and community activities.

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Get help at our teen addiction treatment center.

We are here to help in any way possible. Find hope and start on the path to recovery by calling us today.