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Levels of Care for Young Adults

Levels of Care for Young Adults with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Struggling to find a career, a friend group, or make your way through school is common during this time in your life. It’s easy to start feeling “stuck.” We want to meet you where you’re at, so we have designed an evidence-based curriculum that is specifically geared toward Young Adults.

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Explaining the continuum of care

Young Adult Care

Continuum of Care programs built for young adults

Let’s address your care options

We want to find common ground with you, so we’re both working towards something. The very first thing we find out is what you care about most. For some, maybe it’s finding a career, for others maybe it’s relationships—whatever it may be, we find it, then help you work towards it.

Find your purpose and work towards achieving your goals.

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The Continuum of Care

Care for wherever you are in your journey.

Access a full range of treatments for mental health and substance use disorders. Whether you need a safe transitional living community, inpatient care, or outpatient therapy, we have a program to help.

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“Great treatment which focuses on your recovery and strategically looks at mental health and relationships with your family and friends to recover successfully.”

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How We Are Different

Sandstone Care aims to drive positive lasting change in real people. We understand that you have a life, so we offer a more personalized experience than you would find anywhere else.

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Age-Specific Care

We are age-specific, not gender-specific. We focus on the unique circumstances that teens and young adults face.

Evidence-Based Therapy

We only use treatment interventions that have been scientifically proven to provide consistent, lasting recovery.

Small Group Sizes

You are not a number, that’s why we provide a comfortable setting where your voice can be heard.

Individualized Treatment Plans

No one person is the same, and neither is their recovery journey. Your treatment program will be tailored to your unique needs.

Academic and Vocational Support

We want clients to get the most out of life, which means doing their best in the classroom or at their job.

The Family Component

Recovery involves the entire family, so we provide support for the whole family system.

Young Adult Specific Approach

Giving you the freedom to be.

Be seen. Be heard. Be valued.

We can’t change people. We can’t change environments. But we can empower you with the tools, steps, and community you need for long-lasting change.

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Substance Use
Explore individualized treatment programs that help with drug and alcohol abuse through detox and recovery.
Mental Health
Learn about our evidence-based approach to depression and behavioral health conditions.
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How to Talk to a Young Adult About Seeking Treatment

Getting help for mental health and substance use disorders can be intimidating. Find out how to talk to young adults about seeking therapy and finding lasting recovery.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Get the tools you need for addiction and mental health needs.

Addiction and mental health often go hand-in-hand. Work on both at Sandstone.

Often young adults struggling with drug and alcohol use also have underlying mental health or behavioral disorders such as depression, anxiety, or personality disorders. Our clinical team focuses on helping you to identify and improve these underlying concerns, so you are fully prepared to address addiction from all directions.

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Ask any mental health or substance use disorder question on your mind.

Check out our selection of frequently asked questions — or call us to ask us today.

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IOP stands for “Intensive Outpatient Program”. IOP programs are most helpful for young adults who have completed a higher level of care (such as day treatment) and need to step down, and for young adults who struggle with substance use or mental health concerns but want to limit interrupting school and work.

The amount of treatment needed varies greatly and depends on one’s individual needs. At Sandstone Care, we believe in treating our clients as a whole person instead of just treating their substance use disorder or mental health disorders in isolation. Our program is individualized to meet those specific needs and as such length of stay may vary. Typically the Young Adult IOP program lasts for 8 to 12 weeks.

We collect phones during programming only, otherwise everyone living in one of our houses has access to their devices.

The teens and young adults at Sandstone Care are bright and creative spirits who have been impacted by a variety of mental health issues. Typically, they are struggling with, or have experienced, anxiety, depression, trauma, and/or substance use. Individuals with a history of violence, are actively suicidal or psychotic, that have severe and persistent mental illness such as schizophrenia, or that exhibit behavioral issues that would disrupt the treatment milieu are not appropriate for Sandstone Care. Each client is carefully screened by the admissions team and the Program Director, and if needed, the Executive Clinical Director and Medical Director for appropriateness.

Yes! We offer a few different options for young adults who are in need of a higher level of care.

  • Our Medical Assisted Detox and Inpatient Assessment program takes place at our Colorado Springs Detox Center. The program is led by a highly trained and qualified team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, and licensed therapists. The facility offers comfortable rooms and 24/7 medically supervised care to support a safe and comfortable stabilization. Following medical stabilization, clients are invited to engage in a comprehensive treatment program that addresses physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs. The program includes Individual and group therapy along with full medical, psychiatric, and psychological assessments.
  • Day Treatment, otherwise known as PHP or Partial Hospitalization Program, is a highly structured level of care, with over 35 hours of weekly programming. Young adults ages 18-30 are able to stabilize and begin to understand their addiction and mental health struggles so that they can overcome them. Young adults in PHP participate in one-on-one and group therapy, spend time at the gym, and have time for academic support as well as vocational planning.

Our young adult intensive outpatient program offers up to 17 hours per week of clinical services including group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy sessions, academic and vocational support, and community activities.

No. We believe in starting with many privileges and only revoking access if necessary, so we do not have a blackout period when you begin our program.

Yes. We have a teen track, which is for teens ages 13-17, and a young adult track for individuals ages 18-30.

Sandstone Care works with teens and young adults who are struggling with substance use, co-occurring mental health disorders, and mental health primary needs through our Mental Health Centers.

Knowing what level of care would be best for you is tricky! If you experience withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to discontinue use, it is more than likely you would benefit from detox. However, the best way to know whether or not you would benefit from medical detox is to get a professional opinion. Our trained admissions team would be happy to speak with you and advise you on next steps.

Our clinical team is made up of a group of highly qualified individuals who are all dedicated to helping teens and young adults reclaim their lives. This team includes medical doctors, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, family therapists, and teachers.

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