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Sandstone Care’s staff and families celebrated a milestone recently – October 2020 marked the 5-year anniversary of the organization’s opening. Over the past five years, Sandstone Care has provided exceptional alcohol and drug rehab treatment for teens and young adults. To understand how big an impact Sandstone Care has made in five short years, we sat down with Brannon Pruet, Program Director and employee since the early days of the company.

Meet Brannon Pruet, Program Director at Sandstone Care

Brannon Pruet has over 20 years of clinical experience. After working in an acute inpatient facility, he felt empowered to move “upstream” and work with teens and young adults on prevention methods and rehabilitation. Though he came to the organization with both management and field experience, one of Brannon’s favorite jobs (and something he made sure to involve himself in at Sandstone Care) is leading group therapy. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday you’ll find Brannon leading adult groups at our Denver office and virtually. He is also known for leading our Parental Information Network meetings (pictured below) monthly.

Brannon is a great example of the core values Sandstone Care holds true with each new facility and program. He recognizes the reality that many young people struggle with feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, and self-hate, and they turn to substance use to make them feel better. With mental illness playing a common factor in substance use disorder in teens and young adults, it is impossible to treat one without the other. Sandstone Care takes an evidence-based, integrated approach to rehabilitation that supports the entire individual and their environment.

What makes the rehabilitation programs different at Sandstone Care?

Family Support

Apart from many rehabilitation facilities directed at ages 13-30, Sandstone Care takes the family unit very seriously. We believe that to improve the quality of life as a family, it is essential to involve the entire family in treatment. We have individual family therapy, multi-family groups, and parent support groups. With Sandstone Care, families will have a space where they feel free to be open and honest about the challenges they are facing. They can also find answers about mental health and what treatment looks like at Sandstone Care. Click here to learn more.

Academic Support

Sandstone Care ensures out adolescent clients do not fall behind in school during treatment by requiring participation in academic and vocational programs in conjunction with our therapeutic services. While at Sandstone Care, our fully dedicated academic and vocational adviser will empower each individual to rekindle their motivation, develop confidence, set college and career goals, and foster the skills necessary for independent living. Click here to learn more.

Vocational Support

Our vocational program was developed in order to allow participants to set their own goals of achieving a certain lifestyle, career or profession. The goals for each individual are chosen at the discretion of the client, which promotes the participant’s commitment to achieving these goals. Alongside the client, our vocational adviser then develops a road map to guide each client to achieve their set goals. Click here to learn more.

Growth Timeline

Brannon Pruet is one of many at Sandstone Care that has set and maintained a high standard of care for clients, families, and his fellow staff. Through a focus on client care, healing as a family unit, and evidence-based therapy, Sandstone Care has positively impacted the lives of thousands of young people since 2015.

Starting with just two employees and an outpatient center contained within one hallway, Sandstone Care has seen a lot of growth. The company has leaned into its mission and values to find opportunities in different regions and communities while maintaining a high quality of care. With a growing team of experienced and empowered staff members, they have expanded to over 180 employees across 11 program locations. See the timeline below for information about each location.

2015 – Denver Outpatient Facility

2016 – Broomfield Outpatient Facility, Aurora Sober Living Home

2017 – Rockville Outpatient Facility, Boulder Sober Living Home

2018 – Colorado Springs Inpatient Facility, Rockville Sober Living Home

2019 – Cascade Canyon Teen RTC Facility

2020 – Reston Outpatient Facility, Colorado Springs Outpatient Facility, Virtual IOP Services, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Services

2021 – Annapolis Teen RTC Facility

What’s Next for Sandstone Care?

Sandstone Care leadership does not plan to stop expanding its reach anytime soon. New treatment programs are in the works, along with an increase in capacity at some locations and continued support through our Virtual IOP program online.

The focus on mental health treatment in addition to substance use treatment will always be foundational for Sandstone Care. As Program Director Brannon Pruet mentioned, underlying mental health issues are very common in young people who struggle with substance use disorder. Sandstone Care treatment programs take time to address all sides of the issue and personalize the rehab experience for each and every client.

As they continue to grow, the organization plans to maintain a program environment that is medically staffed, evidence-based, and effective for teen and young adult addiction and mental health treatment.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Sandstone Care!