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Clint Mally, MAT BA

Director of Marketing
Clint Mally
Clint was swinging swords and jousting on horseback as a knight in the show at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament to pay his way through college.

After earning a Master Of Arts in Teaching Clint entered the classroom as an educator. He learned that he loved creating content to break down complex problems into simple step-by-step solutions.

He eventually left the classroom to teach people how to make content that helps people, and how to help artists create art full time through valuable content marketing.

Currently, he is the director of marketing at Sandstone Care helping teens, young adults, and their families overcome challenges with substance use, addiction, and mental health conditions.

He is a raccoon enthusiast, a squinty smiler, and a diehard Sherlock Holmes fan. He enjoys traveling the world and making content.