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Vocational Support

Our vocational program was developed in order to allow participants to set their own goals of achieving a certain lifestyle, career or profession. The goals for each individual are chosen at the discretion of the client, which promotes the participant’s commitment to achieving these goals. Alongside the client, our vocational adviser then develops a road-map to guide each client to achieve their set goals.

Vocational Achievement is Made Possible

Throughout the program, we develop accountability and build confidence for each individual as we track the progress towards attaining the participant’s goals. Upon completion of the program, we celebrate the short-term accomplishments of each individual and promote continued development of the long-term goals.

Recovery isn't just getting off harmful substances.  We go beyond to treat co-occurring disorders, and to help our develop skills that will allow them to fully integrate into all parts of life.  Whether it is Academic Support for those still in school, or vocational support for our older clients, we have advisers that will assist in skill development, goal setting, and preparation.

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