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Academic Achievement is Made Possible

Sandstone ensures our adolescent clients do not fall behind in school during treatment by requiring participation in academic and vocational programs in conjunction with our therapeutic services. While at Sandstone Care, our fully dedicated academic and vocational adviser will empower each individual to rekindle their motivation, develop confidence, set college and career goals, and foster the skills necessary for independent living.

Our primary academic goal for our adolescent clients is to attain a high school diploma and master secondary course material in preparation for post-secondary education. This achievement is made possible by a disciplined approach to study, attention to individual learning styles, and by using evidence-based therapeutic practices to address the issues that are causing an individual to struggle academically. The academic program provides support sessions in order to keep participants on track with their schooling and progress through the completion of a higher education.

Alongside the client, our academic adviser then develops a road-map to guide each client to achieve their set goals. 

Throughout the program, we develop accountability and build confidence for each individual as we track the progress towards attaining the participant’s goals. Upon completion of the program, we celebrate the short-term accomplishments of each individual and promote continued development of the long-term goals.

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