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Levels of Care

Transitional Living Program

You may not be ready to jump back into life at home, and that’s ok. Live in a therapeutic, recovery-focused setting while receiving your comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment.

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What is Transitional Living?

Transitional Living for Young Adults

Maybe you feel out of place, surrounded by triggers, or you just aren’t ready to face the stresses of life at home. If you’re feeling this way, you are not alone.

At Sandstone Care, we understand what you are going through, so we created comfortable transitional living facilities that give you the supported independence you need to rebuild confidence, re-establish your identity, and set goals for the future.

You will participate in 25 hours a week of day treatment, also known as a partial hospitalization program (PHP), while being immersed in a structured, therapeutic living environment for 2 – 6 months.

We have transitional living centers located throughout Colorado, Maryland, and Virginia.

The Benefits of A Transitional Housing Program

Our highly trained staff will work with you to develop a structured care plan that is tailored to your unique needs.

You’ll practice conflict resolution and rebuild family relationships all while living with others who understand exactly what you’re going through.

The added support of a transitional living center gives you the tools you need to succeed in recovery and in life.

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Safe & Stable Environment
Life Skills & Vocational Support
Supported Independence
Establish Life Goals
Structured Care Plan
Healthy Coping Skills
Sober Friendships
Reconnect with Family and Friends

Who is a Transitional Living Program (TLP) For?

If you are a young adult man or woman between the ages of 18-30 and are in need of guidance and support as you transition into independent living, then this program is for you.

Our team of experienced professionals includes licensed therapists, addiction specialists, and mental health professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve your recovery goals.

Eligibility for this friendly group home setting depends upon a few factors, including if your living situation puts you at risk for relapse, you’d benefit from being surrounded by supportive community resources, or you need extra support strengthening basic life skills.

We provide supportive services and life skills training to help you master money management, achieve job readiness, and develop self-sufficiency.

This independent living program will benefit you if you:

Need a supportive substance-free living environment
Are stepping down from a medical detox program
Struggle to live independently
Need support in developing healthy lifestyle habits

Transitional Living Center Locations

As a leading health care provider, we have developed a comprehensive case management process to make sure you feel heard and supported.

When you receive a referral to enter our transitional living level of care, we work with you to make sure that more than just your basic needs are being met.

Find a Transitional Living Program Near Me

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Age Groups: Young Adults
Levels of Care: Transitional Living Program
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Age Groups: Young Adults
Levels of Care: Transitional Living Program
Treatment Programs: Substance UseDual-Diagnosis
Rally Point Denver Treatment Center living room
Age Groups: Young Adults
Levels of Care: Transitional Living Program
Treatment Programs: Substance UseDual-Diagnosis
Rockville Sober Living
Age Groups: Young Adults
Levels of Care: Transitional Living Program
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Age Groups: Young Adults
Levels of Care: Transitional Living Program
Treatment Programs: Substance UseDual-Diagnosis

How We Are Different

Sandstone Care aims to drive positive lasting change in real people. We understand that you have a life, so we offer a more personalized experience than you would find anywhere else.

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Age-Specific Care

We are age-specific, not gender-specific. We focus on the unique circumstances that teens and young adults face.

Evidence-Based Therapy

We only use treatment interventions that have been scientifically proven to provide consistent, lasting recovery.

Small Group Sizes

You are not a number, that’s why we provide a comfortable setting where your voice can be heard.

Individualized Treatment Plans

No one person is the same, and neither is their recovery journey. Your treatment program will be tailored to your unique needs.

Academic and Vocational Support

We want clients to get the most out of life, which means doing their best in the classroom or at their job.

The Family Component

Recovery involves the entire family, so we provide support for the whole family system.

Reasons to Stay

Transitional Living Paired with PHP or IOP

Recovery is about more than simply abstaining from drug or alcohol use. It is also about developing a sustainable, balanced, and independent lifestyle.

You’ll participate in treatment Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, you’ll get to suggest activities you want to do like go to the batting cages or play basketball.

Sundays are free days, where you can stay at home and relax, or hang out with friends and go to the gym.

Convenient location
Every transitional living center is close to a PHP/IOP facility, so you don’t have to travel far for treatment.
Professional staff
Centers are staffed 7 days a week by trained professionals prepared to support residents.
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Substance-Free Living
Chief Clinical Officer Sara Fletcher explains PHP
PHP Explained

Day Treatment (PHP)

Day Treatment helps support teens and young adults struggling with substance abuse and/or mental health disorders who need significant structure.

We use scientifically proven therapies that are guided by relevant data. Patient preferences are prioritized, which means customized treatment plans designed specifically for your unique needs.

PHP Treatment Locations

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

IOP lasts 8-12 weeks (on-site or virtual treatment).

Our after-school or after-work intensive outpatient programming helps teens and young adults overcome mental health and substance use challenges, while living at home and keeping up with daily responsibilities.

We provide individualized evidence-based treatment, promote family involvement, & provide you with the tools you need to reach lasting recovery.

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What is IOP?
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We’re available 7 days a week to help answer any questions you may have.

The Continuum of Care

Care for wherever you are in your journey.

Access a full range of treatments for mental health and substance use disorders. Whether you need a safe transitional living community, inpatient care, or outpatient therapy, we have a program to help.

Learn more about levels of care

Therapy Treatments

Explore Our Therapy Options

We deliver evidence-based therapy treatment for young people in a number of areas. We’re available 24/7 to answer any questions.

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Let’s Take the Next Steps Together

We understand taking the first step is difficult. There is no shame or guilt in asking for help or more information. We are here to support you in any way we can.