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Day Treatment (Partial Hospitalization) for Young Adults

Our holistic day treatment program, also known as Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), is a highly structured level of care that offers a robust 35 hours of weekly programming for young adults ages 18-30. Through the use of a variety of therapeutic methods, they are able to stabilize, begin to understand their addiction and mental health struggles, and heal from them. We strive to help young adults become more like the person they want to be, without using substances to get there. 

Day Treatment Schedule

Young adults in our day treatment program will engage in a strong academic and vocational component (group vocational support sessions for three days a week), weekly family therapy sessions, and six hours per day of group therapy sessions for five days a week. They will also engage in community activities such as sessions at Phoenix Multi-sport and young people’s CA, AA, and NA meetings.

For young adults in our program who would benefit from more support or structure, we offer sober living homes that are staffed 24/7. 

Click here to learn more about our sober living houses in Denver, Boulder, and North Bethesda

In our Day Treatment program, most days begin at around noon and end at around 8:00 p.m. We pack in a lot during these days. Here is a sample of what a typical day might look like. 

Group Therapy

Led by a licensed therapist, our group therapy sessions focus on a variety of topics that are relevant to young adult in recovery. Some common group topics include things like forgiveness, relationships, coping skills, and relapse prevention. 

Afternoon Experiential Activity

Therapy doesn't just have to be talking! Young adults in our program participate in experiential therapy activities that combine action and movement for therapeutic purposes. Some examples of these activities include recreation therapy, music therapy, and art therapy.

Academic & Vocational Support

We employ experienced and passionate academic and vocational support staff who have a primary goal of helping you succeed. These mentors work with you in order to help prepare you for academic and vocational success. They'll help you with things like homework, resumes, job applications, GED prep, and college applications.


Each day that we meet, we will gather together to enjoy what you’ve brought for dinner.

Family Therapy

Every Wednesday after dinner, we invite your family to join us for multi-family group. This group is a time for you and your family to engage in healthy and positive interactions with other families, and to participate in a group activity facilitated by licensed therapists. 

Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual sessions are scheduled with your primary or family therapist, and are based on your availability and the availability of your therapist. They will take place on a weekly basis.

Consultations with our Staff Psychiatrist

All our young adult clients will meet with our licensed and credentialed psychiatrist for an initial evaluation, and then on a weekly basis for the remainder of their time in day treatment. These weekly sessions are used to evaluate and manage medications, and to offer support where it is needed.

Is Day Treatment Right For Me

Who Typically Comes to Day Treatment?

Day treatment is most helpful for some of the following scenarios:

  • Young adults who have recently completed a residential or inpatient treatment program and are looking to step down into a slightly less intensive level of care. 
  • Young adults who struggle with addiction or mental health and have maybe recently left school or university, or are in transition between school and finding employment. 

Family Involvement

When a young adult is struggling with substance abuse, it doesn't just affect them, it affects the entire family unit. We believe that it's important for the entire family to receive support, not just the individual struggling with substance abuse. 

Parents of the young adult in treatment are required to attend multi-family group sessions, which happen once a week. In addition to these required groups, we offer weekly support groups that are available for all family members to attend.

You Matter Because You Exist

People tend to believe, “I am not enough” or try to deal with things by themselves. Millions of young adults struggle with mental health and substance abuse every day. We’re here to help.

We're Ready To Help

No matter your situation, we want to help. Sandstone Care works with most insurance companies. We would be more than happy to verify your benefits and estimate program costs prior to your admission. 

Day Treatment Locations

Denver, Colorado

(720) 420-7444
7555 East Hampden Ave. Suite 103
Denver, CO  80231

Boulder, Colorado

(720) 773-8727
350 Interlocken Blvd #100
Broomfield, CO 80021

Washington D.C.

(301) 321-7362
11820 Parklawn Dr. #403
North Bethesda, MD 20852

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