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Parent Resource Guide

How To Help Teens And Young Adults With Substance Use And Mental Health

Authored by Sarah Fletcher

We've broken down the most-asked questions when it comes to substance use and mental health in teens and young adults. You'll learn the facts about drug and alcohol use, what causes addiction in young people, and exactly how to approach these sensitive topics with your loved ones. Check out the video below to get started.

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Wondering If Your Child Is At The Point Of Needing Support?

Take this quiz to get answers.

Developed by Chief Clinical Officer Sarah Fletcher, LPC, LAC, the questions below are used by our staff to assess patients every day. If you're looking for indicators of the diagnosis and severity of what your child is struggling with, this is a great place to start.

Resource Guides

How To Talk To a Teen Or Young Adult About Their Substance Abuse

Straight forward practical tips for talking about substance abuse with teens or young adults.

How To Talk To Your Spouse Or Family About Your Child's Substance Use

Helping your spouse, partner, or family support a teen and young adult through treatment.

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