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Drug & Alcohol Resources Frederick County, MD

Spanning the northwest corner of the state, Frederick County lines the southern border of Pennsylvania and the northeastern border of Virginia. Beautiful mountain views set the backdrop for the northwest portion of the county. Rich with battlefields, exhibits and museums Frederick County has a foundation in Civil War history. Its close proximity to Washington D.C. and Baltimore make the area a desirable place to live, and yearly, the population continues to grow. Unfortunately, with this growth comes more issues with drugs and alcohol.

Maryland's Opioid Crisis

On March 1, 2017, Governor Larry Hogan issued an executive order to declare a state of emergency regarding the opioid overdose crisis in Maryland. The implementation was based on the state’s overdose fatality data, prescribing data, and seizure data. The emergency declaration was intended to increase the state's efforts to reduce the number of fatalities and non-fatal overdoses to coordinate programs for prevention, enforcement, treatment, and recovery services.

Frederick County Community Health Statistics

Substance abuse is a well-known issue amongst both adolescents and adults in Frederick County with opioids and alcohol proving to have the highest negative impact.

Frederick County Substance Abuse Statistics

  • The number of drug and alcohol related deaths has almost doubled since 2015 However, the numbers have remained the stagnant for two years
  • The amount of opioid-related deaths have increased every year since 2007, with the exception of 2016
  • Fentanyl-related deaths top the charts for drug-related overdose deaths
  • 30% of adolescents reported alcohol use - 19% reported binge drinking
  • Frederick County maintains a higher rate of binge drinking amongst adults and adolescents than Maryland

How Frederick County is Managing its Public Health Crisis

Opioid Intervention Team - Take Back My Life Initiative

Each of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions were assigned an opioid intervention team to be led by an emergency manager and health officer. Each team coordinates with the community to create opioid-fighting strategies at the local level. In Frederick County, the team focuses their efforts on the Take Back My Life initiative that's aimed at expanding awareness of the risks associated with opioid use, while supporting families and empowering individuals on a path of health and recovery.

Community Organized Recovery Efforts (CORE)

CORE is a recovery community organization that offers a variety of supports to those in recovery. Those who participate can expect to experience recovery related activities such as peer-led recovery discussion groups, wellness and life-skills classes, wellness and recovery planning groups, art classes and sober social activities.

Frederick County Public Mental Health Services

The Frederick County government provides mental health services to children and adults covered by medicaid and medicare. Services include:

For Adults

  • Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Family, Individual, and Group Therapy
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Medication Management

For Children

  • Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Family, Individual, and Group Therapy

What to Look for When Selecting a Treatment Center

The Right Program: A detailed interview and assessment process with a clinical professional. Look for an organization that assesses physical and mental health, as well as qualifications for your loved one’s specific needs. Make sure the organization you’re considering has skilled experience with the the drawbacks your loved on is facing. If the organization isn’t right for your substance abuse treatment, ask if they have referrals for a more appropriate fit.

Professional Team: Look for a licensed, experienced organization that focuses on a team-oriented approach, working together to support each client and their family. Find a team that includes individual and family therapists, substance abuse counselors, psychiatrists, and dietitians. A highly credentialed team taking a holistic approach to care is critical to achieving successful outcomes from substance abuse and addiction treatments.

Safety: An organization that focuses on participant safety, both physical and emotional. Many people will discover through the treatment process that abstinence from all substances is the best choice for them. Through this journey, it is important to support participants in staying safe and reducing harm. Find a support system you trust to aid your substance abuse and addiction treatment.

Mental Health and Trauma Training: drug abuse and addiction generally co-occur with a mental health or trauma experience. It is important that a treatment program has the ability to treat not only substance abuse but also underlying mental health concerns and trauma. Ideally, a program would have a psychiatrist on staff, and staff trained in trauma-informed care. A good support system believes recovery and healing are two sides of the same coin, and both are necessary for long-lasting success.

An Individualized Program: an organization that tailors the experience to the individual and their unique needs. Find a team that sees you or your loved one as a person and creates a support program based on what is needed. True change from substance abuse and addiction treatment comes from authentic connection and genuine investment.

Strengths Based: An approach that focuses on what is working and nurtures those activities, patterns, and behaviors to encourage health and vibrancy.

Evidence-Based Care: an organization that draws on research and time-tested practices for the best possible outcome. Research or ask about the therapy methods they use in addition treatment.

Family Oriented: Any large life challenge always affects and is impacted by the surrounding system. Find an organization that supports and integrates the whole family. No one walks the road to recovery alone.

Finding Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Frederick County

As you begin the process of searching for the best treatment program for yourself or a loved one, there are a lot of factors to consider. You don't need to travel out of state to get high quality treatment as there are great options locally in Maryland. Determining what level of care is necessary can be extremely overwhelming. Talking to a knowledgeable treatment and mental health professional can help assess your needs, and guide you to resources that would be best for you.

Here are the levels of care that Sandstone Care offers near Frederick County:

Residential Extended Care

Getting away from your everyday environment can work wonders to kickstart your recovery. Our Residential Extended Care program offers young adults ages 18-30 the opportunity to live in a therapeutic, sober living home receiving comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment support.

Day Treatment

Our holistic day treatment program is a highly structured level of care that offers a robust 35 hours of weekly programming for young adults ages 18-30, and teens ages 13-17. Through the use of a variety of therapeutic methods, they are able to stabilize, begin to understand their addiction and mental health struggles, and heal from them. We strive to help teens and young adults become more like the person they want to be, without using substances to get there.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The goal of our comprehensive IOP program is to help teens ages 13-17 and young adults ages 18-30 address substance use and addiction along with any underlying co-occurring mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. This program also have a strong focus on developing good social, academic, and vocational habits, and incorporates family therapy into the program.

Online Treatment Programs

Our Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers the same programming in-person, but all online - ideal for those who live too far to drive to a center, have transportation issues, or health concerns that make in-person treatment challenging.

Sober Living

Sandstone Care's sober living homes are a place where young adults can find support, structure, and community early on in the recovery process. These homes are staffed 24/7 with trained addiction professionals who support the clients in the house by helping them to develop a sustainable, balanced, and independent lifestyle. Clients living in our sober living homes must be participating in one of our levels of care.

Many substance abuse and mental health treatment providers in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas accept insurance, and may be in network with your plan. If you have questions about what would be best for you, or would like to verify your insurance, call (303) 501-5804 to speak with a Sandstone Care treatment professional.

Sandstone Care's Nearest Location

Our nearest facility to Frederick County is our North Bethesda office. At this location, we conduct our young adult and teen IOP programs as well our assessments and parent support groups.

Maryland Rehab Center
11820 Parklawn Dr #403Rockville MD 20852
(301) 321-7362

Frederick County Drug & Alcohol Recovery Resources

In addition to seeking out support from addiction professionals, having a network of people that will build you up as you continue your sobriety is very important. Organizations like 12 Step Programs and SMART Recovery provide meetings that build up sober individuals and help to create a supportive community

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