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Colorado Springs Rehab Center

Teen & Young Adult Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Our rehab center offers young adult day and intensive outpatient treatment. We offer a fresh approach to the treatment of substance use and mental health issues; we believe the involvement of family is the key to long-lasting recovery.

Our programs include extended residential, day treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, after-school recovery, and sober living.

We are now offering Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programming.

Visiting our Rehab Center

Our Colorado Springs Rehab Center is conveniently located just off of I-25, and one mile from our Medical Detox Center.

Teen Residential Rehab

Our Teen Residential Center in Cascade Canyon is 30 minutes West of Colorado Springs.

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Comfortable and Convenient
We are conveniently located just off of I-25

Our Leadership Team

Michael Hunter
Chief Executive Officer

Michael has been working in the fields of addiction and health care for over twenty years. In addition to having provided direct services...

Dr. Robert Ochsner
Chief Medical Officer

A native of Colorado, Dr. Robert Ochsner completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder and graduated...

Sarah Fletcher, LPC, LAC
Chief Clinical Officer

Sarah Fletcher serves as the Chief Clinical Officer at Sandstone Care, overseeing all clinical services for the organization. Sarah holds...

Our Colorado Locations

Denver Rehab Center

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Boulder Rehab Center

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Colorado Teen Rehab

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Colorado Springs Detox

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Denver Mental Health Center

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Sober Living Home - Denver, Colorado

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Boulder Sober Living

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Colorado Springs Sober Living

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Boulder Mental Health Center

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Colorado Springs Mental Health Center

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The Sandstone Care Difference

We exist to inspire change in teens and young adults. We provide the motivation, tools, steps, and community that will produce lasting change they can take back into their day to day lives after treatment.

Seeing You For Who You Are

First, we want you to know we see you; you are not alone. We want to get to know you and begin building a genuine relationship with you―the real you.

Taking Time to Hear You

We want to understand the details of your situation. In order to help, we listen to your story. We’ll ask questions to understand what you care about. 

You Matter Because You Exist

We believe deeply that you have value simply because you exist. And because you have value, you’re worth our time and our attention.

Let’s Take the Next Steps Together

We understand taking the first step is difficult. There is no shame or guilt in asking for help or more information. We are here to support you in any way we can.

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