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Marijuana Paraphernalia

In today’s world, drug culture and particularly marijuana can be overwhelming, scary, and difficult for any parent to navigate. Teenagers have the world at their fingertips to discuss, learn, and experiment with substances and norms that go along with them. If you are a parent, regardless of whether your child has experimented or struggled with drugs, it is important to have some sense of what kids are exposed to.

Our Virtual IOP program offers the same programming we offer in person, all online - ideal for those who live too far to drive in, have transportation issues, or health concerns that make in-person treatment challenging.

Traditional Marijuana Buds or Plants

Two main strains of cannabis: Indica and Sativa but they are often crossed or modified in many ways. There are many different names and hybrids of plants. The flower or buds of the plant are now more often used, and not the leaf, which often smoked in the past. This also makes the drug stronger.

Marijuana Concentrates

Any form of cannabis where the plant matter has been removed by some refinement method. Potency is increased and the drug is in a more concentrated form. Methods often use a solvent, such as butane, which can be harmful. Concentrates are only available in certain states. Using concentrates has become somewhat of its own subculture with people using specific term, methods and paraphernalia.


Hash is formed from the resin that is within the plant's flowers. Resin is processed and made into blocks of hash.


Oil is used in Vape pens or vaporizers, often has lingering chemical solve.


Shatter is a refined version of Butane Hash Oil, an oil concentrate. It is a solid form of concentrate. Users break off a piece, "shattering" the sheet.


Wax is created using hash oil. It may be called "earwax" for its similar appearance to the substance.


Edibles are foods or orally consumed items that are infused with marijuana. They are often made with oils or fats that have been infused with the drug. They can be extremely potent compared to inhaling the drug. Edibles have moved far beyond the idea of a homemade “pot brownie." They can be mints, gummies, lollipops, candies, butter, bake goods, soda and many other types of food.

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Cannabinoids or Marijuana are also called K2, spice, or fake weed. The technical and correct term for these drugs is New Psychoactive Substances (NPS). This is a growing class of manufactured drugs that are man made and marketed as a legal alternative to illegal marijuana. Plant material is sprayed with chemicals and then packaged. The term “synthetic marijuana” is used in marketing because the chemicals are molecularly similar to what is found in marijuana. However, this labeling is often construed to mean that these synthetic drugs are safer or just like marijuana, which is not true and they can be extremely dangerous.

Types of Marijuana Paraphernalia

Marijuana Joints, Spliffs & Blunts

Marijuana Joints, spliffs, and blunts all involve smoking marijuana directly from a rolled cigar or cigarette paper. Blunts use cigar papers and joints use tobacco rolling paper. Spliffs are joints in which the marijuana has been mixed with loose leaf tobacco. Papers can come in flavors and many different shapes and sizes. There are many different terms and a plethora of lingo surrounding these methods.

Marijuana Joint

Marijuana Pipes, Pieces & Bowls

Marijuana pipes, pieces, bowls are small glass, ceramic or even plastic wear that marijuana is directly put into and smoked out of. They come in all different shapes and sizes. The term “one hitter” may be used for a piece that allows one hit of the drug. The bowl can also refer to the part of the device that the drug is packed into.

Marijuana Bongs

Marijuana Bongs are water pipes for smoking marijuana. The smoke is filtered through the water before it is inhaled.


Marijuana Bubbler

A Marijuana Bubbler is a combination of a pipe and a bong, filters the smoke through water but is usually smaller and easier to carry than a bong. They are typically made of glass.

Marijuana Grinder

A Marijuana Grinder is a metal or sometimes wooden device that breaks up the marijuana flower and stems so that it can be rolled or packed into a joint, blunt or bowl.

Marijuana Vaporizers

Marijuana Vaporizers come in different sizes. Portable ones are called vape pens. Some can take concentrates and others use the actual plant, both heat the drug and turn it into a vapor that is to be inhaled.

Marijuana Vape Pens

Marijuana Vape Pens are a smaller version of a vaporizer also called dab pens, e-cigarettes for marijuana or e-vapes. There are many different brands and types of vape pens. Can use concentrate or plant and are a type of vaporizer. They do not give off a smell and are often favored by people when they want to consume drugs in a public space. They are the same as a e-cigarette for tobacco consumption. Usage is increasing and many like to believe they are “healthier” because there is no combustion or smoke. There is no evidence to show that vaping is a safer way of consuming marijuana.

Marijuana Dabbing

Marijuana Dabbing is a newer way to consume concentrates, it is similar to freebasing in other drugs. The user will heat up the concentrate a heating plate of a device until it becomes vaporized and then inhale the concentrated drug. It is extremely potent and can be dangerous.

Marijuana Dab Rig

A Marijuana Dab Rig is a bong like apparatus that is used to smoke hash oil, wax, shatter or hash out of rather than the flower or plant material.

Treatment Options

If you believe your son or daughter has or is abusing marijuana, addicted to marijuana, or have questions on how to navigate your child’s drug use, finding proper help and getting your teenager marijuana addiction treatment is the first step. Sandstone Care has a young adult rehab center and an adolescent substance use and mental health residential center. Contact us and let us support you and your family getting back on track.

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