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Continuing Education

By participating, you not only enhance your skills but also join a community committed to providing the best care possible. Elevate your treatment techniques, meet licensure requirements, & stay abreast of industry advancements.

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Is it Maladaptive?

Earn 1 CE Credit Hour



Thursday, September 27, 2023
12:00 PM MDT – 01:00 PM MDT
Learning Objectives
  • Define and identify maladaptive coping.
  • List at least 2 alternative ways to manage self-harm and suicidal ideations with clients.
  • Assess how the clinician’s reaction impacts client responses.

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Sandstone Care's clinician Natana Reason

Past Events

LGBTQ+ Issues in Counseling

Learning Objectives

  • Verbalize the differences between sexuality and gender and common terms associated and used in each area.
  • Recognize barriers to care for LGBTQ+ community members and how to overcome some of these issues.
  • Identify at least two ways to create safer spaces for both patients and staff for those within the community.
LGBTQ+ concerns in mental health fields
Current State of Fentanyl Use & Treatment

Understanding The Current State of Fentanyl Use and Treatment

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how Fentanyl differs from other opioids, and what makes it so dangerous.
  • Identify the present epidemiological trends concerning Fentanyl use.
  • List potential treatment and recovery options associated with Fentanyl abuse.