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Zane James

House Manager

Zane James serves as the House Manager at Colorado Springs Transitional Living, where he has dedicated himself to supporting individuals in their recovery journeys. With over a year of experience in the behavioral health and recovery field, Zane has worked in high-acuity settings as a technician and in a dual diagnosis rehab facility before stepping into his current role.

Zane’s approach to management and care is deeply rooted in his commitment to the well-being of his residents. Although he does not use specific therapeutic modalities due to his role as a house manager rather than a therapist, his focus is always on ensuring that the care and support provided meet the highest standards. Zane wants all his clients to know that their care is his top priority, and he is dedicated to creating a supportive and safe environment for everyone in the facility.

One of Zane’s driving motivations in his career is the opportunity to give back to a community that has been instrumental in his own life. He believes strongly in the inherent worth of each individual and the importance of providing love and support to those in recovery. For Zane, working in mental health and recovery is not just a job but a way to positively impact others’ lives, reflecting his deep commitment to the field.

Outside of work, Zane has a variety of interests that keep him engaged and fulfilled. He is an avid gamer, enjoying all types of games, and has recently taken up rock tumbling as a hobby. Zane cherishes the time he spends with his family, making the most of moments with his wife, their dog Mia, and their cat Nobu. Whether at work or home, Zane brings a sense of dedication and care to everything he does, making him a valued member of the Colorado Springs TL team and a beloved figure in his community.