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Doug DePalma, MA

Academic and Vocational Advisor

Doug De Palma brings academic experience and personal dedication to his role as an Academic and Vocational Advisor in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. After a decade as an English professor, Doug pivoted his career path towards social work, fueled by a deep commitment to mental health advocacy. He is currently completing his Master of Social Work (MSW), specializing in clinical social work, set to graduate in Spring 2025.

Holding an MA and with a background rich in teaching and mentorship, Doug employs Narrative Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in his practice. These therapeutic approaches align well with his focus on serving individuals with neurodivergence, special needs, and learning disabilities. Doug’s methods are tailored to help clients articulate their stories and challenges, empowering them to navigate their unique paths successfully.

One of Doug’s driving beliefs is the transformative power of connection and mentorship during critical moments of struggle and change. Having once stood in similar shoes as those he now supports, Doug brings a deeply empathetic and understanding perspective to his work. He is passionately invested in each client’s journey, striving to be a potent ally as they work toward their academic and vocational goals.

Doug loves his role as a mental health provider for the opportunity it gives him to make a tangible difference daily. He finds it incredibly rewarding to support clients in overcoming obstacles to succeed in their educational and professional endeavors.

Outside of work, Doug has a variety of interests that keep him engaged and inspired. He enjoys playing the guitar, skateboarding, immersing himself in video games like Skyrim, reading extensively, and delving into history.

Doug cherishes the time he spends at home with his wife, their three cats, two dogs, and a good book. Whether sharing quiet moments with his rescue pets or exploring new worlds through his hobbies, Doug values every opportunity to enrich his life and bring new insights into his professional practice. His commitment to his clients and his rich personal life make him a well-rounded and effective advisor and mental health advocate at his facility in Buffalo Grove.