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Adrienne Lunardi, LPC

Young Adult IOP Therapist

Adrienne Lunardi is a dedicated Young Adult Mood IOP Therapist at Sandstone Care in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. With a strong educational foundation in Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Adrienne has honed her skills through years of invaluable experience as a community mental health counselor.

Adrienne is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who specializes in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Person-Centered Therapy. These modalities are pivotal in her work with young adults, enabling her to create tailored approaches that resonate deeply with her clients’ individual needs and challenges.

One of Adrienne’s core beliefs is her unwavering faith in her clients’ potential. She strives to foster a therapeutic environment where this belief is palpable, encouraging her clients to embrace their journey with confidence. Adrienne’s commitment is to build authentic connections with each client, helping them uncover and strengthen their own abilities to heal and grow.

Adrienne is passionate about her role as a mental health provider because it allows her to witness and support the profound personal transformations of her clients. She finds great fulfillment in being a trusted companion on their path to recovery and self-discovery.

Outside the therapy room, Adrienne’s personal interests include writing poetry, exploring nature, and immersing herself in the whimsical world of “Alice in Wonderland.” These hobbies not only provide her with joy and relaxation but also enrich her therapeutic practice with creativity and a fresh perspective.

Adrienne cherishes her time spent with loved ones, finding that these moments of connection greatly enhance her well-being and remind her of the importance of balance in life. Her approach to therapy, combined with her personal passions and the strong relationships she maintains, makes Adrienne Lunardi a compassionate and effective therapist, deeply appreciated by her clients and colleagues alike.