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Pay for Treatment With Your Insurance

Thank you for considering Sandstone Care for yourself or a loved one. It will only take a few minutes to verify your insurance coverage. After you have submitted the form, a Sandstone Care admissions counselor will get in touch within one business day. We will go over what's going on for you or your loved one, your insurance benefits, our programming options, and next steps to admissions.

Benefits of Insurance Verification

Insurance Benefit Verification is the process of verifying a person's active medical coverage with their insurance company and prevent billing issues. With years of expertise in this area, we can help you understand your coverage before you or a loved arrive for treatment. Our promise to you is you’ll receive a simple accurate quote for all costs not covered by insurance, if we are wrong, we will cover those costs. Details we verify include:

  • Coverage Details
  • Co-pays
  • Co-insurance
  • Deductibles
  • Plan Exclusions
  • Out of Network Benefits
We're Here to Help Get You Started

Sandstone Care is a state certified treatment center with locations in Colorado, Virginia & Maryland. We follow the rigorous standards set forth by insurance companies, federal and state government and the certifying bodies of JCAHO and Legitscript. We are experts in navigating insurance benefits.


A Friend You Can Trust


We are fully HIPAA compliant and confidential with your insurance information.

Turn Around Time

Our admissions counselors will contact you within one business day.

Insurance Advocates

We are experts on insurance so you don't have to be.


Our team partners with you to create a manageable payment schedule.



This is the amount you pay for covered health care services in a given plan year before your insurance begins to pay for them. For example, if you have a $2,000 deductible, you pay for the first $2,000 of covered services yourself. Once you spend $2,000 on covered health care services, you only have to pay coinsurance and copayment costs -- your health care plan will cover the rest.


A copayment is the fixed amount you are required to pay for a covered health care service, like a doctor's office visit or a trip to the emergency room. Copayments may take effect before or after your deductible is paid, depending on your health insurance plan. This information is not shown on your health insurance verification form.


Your coinsurance fee is the percentage of the cost of a covered health care service that you must pay once your deductible is paid in full. For example, if you've paid your deductible, the allowed amount for a doctor's visit on your plan is $100, and your coinsurance is 20 percent, you will 20 percent of $100, or $20.

Out of Pocket Maximum

An out-of-pocket maximum is a cap, or limit, on the amount of money you have to pay for covered health care services in a plan year. If you meet that limit, your health plan will pay 100% of all covered health care costs for the rest of the plan year.

Policy Effective Date

This is the day your insurance company begins to help pay for your health care costs. Enrollment in a health insurance plan must be done either during the open enrollment period, usually held for a set amount of time once a year, or during a special enrollment period. Special enrollment periods begin after a qualifying event, like marriage, the start of a new job, the birth of a baby or loss of health care coverage, and usually lasts for about 90 days. Your policy effective date is determined after you've enrolled, and usually falls a few weeks or months after your initial enrollment date.

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