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Medical Detox

We Help People Safely Detox

Come off of drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol in a safe and comfortable environment nestled against the backdrop of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

Sandstone Care offers medically assisted detox-the safest and most effective way to withdraw yourself or a loved one from substances. Our Colorado Springs location offers private and semi-private rooms with mountains views and a home-like atmosphere. We are fully licensed and JCAHO accredited, and staffed with doctors, nurses, and licensed therapists.

Our Approach to Detox

Safety is the priority when it comes to detoxing off of substances. The physical pain and psychological discomfort that occurs during detox can be overwhelming but our caring team is here to support you and ensure you get through the process safely. 

In addition to medically supervised detox, you'll receive full medical, psychiatric, and psychological assessments. These evaluations help identify the underlying issues of your substance use and will provide you a basis of understanding your current physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. They become the foundation for an individualized treatment program to help you get well and stay well, with the support of our dedicated staff. 

After all, detox is just the beginning of your recovery journey.  Once detox is complete, we'll guide you down the treatment path that is right for you.

Our Treatment Programs

Every person’s situation is unique. Our medically assisted detox program will help you safely detox off of drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol and help you begin the process of recovery.  Detox is the first step in the continuum of care offered at Sandstone Care.

Inpatient Treatment Program Schedule (PDF) 

Medical Detox

5-14 days
Medically Supervised Detox
24/7 Medical Supervision
Private Rooms
Residential Stabilization
Individual Therapy
Group Therapy

Residential / Assessment

14-30 days
Medical & Psychiatric Evaluations
Psychological & Psychosocial Assessments
Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
Ongoing Medical Stabilization
Behavioral Health Seminars

Additional Services (ongoing support)

30+ days
Residential Extended Care
Day Treatment (PHP)
Intensive Outpatient Program
Outpatient Therapy Program
Therapeutic Sober Living

“At Sandstone Care when you make the decision to reach out and ask for help from detox to our three levels of outpatient care. You will speak to a live person, be given next steps on how to engage in services and know the financial impact upfront. Our admission and assessment team is available to serve you and your family when you call.”

Diana Sandoval, Clinical Director

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