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Colorado Springs Detox

The First 48 Hours: Assessments & Evaluations

During the first 48 hours at Colorado Springs Detox Center, clients are assessed by our medical and clinical teams with an initial focus on stabilization and managing withdrawal symptoms. Once stabilized, the focus then shifts to completing thorough assessments including comprehensive clinical and psychiatric evaluations to determine any underlying co-occurring mental health concerns which may exist.

Our medical and clinical teams can support medication management needs to help clients get stabilized on appropriate medications. In addition, the comprehensive assessment process supports identifying key areas of focus which will be considered as part of the discharge and aftercare planning process.

Each assessment process is tailored to the unique needs of each client, but some of the topics covered in each assessment will include:

Physical Health

Clients are medically monitored 24/7 while in programming. In addition to an initial evaluation with our Nurse Practitioner, Savanna Klippel, clients will be assessed every four hours by a member of our nursing team. This nursing assessment includes checking vital signs, monitoring withdrawal symptoms, and administering medications as needed.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

Upon admission, an initial evaluation of a client’s substance abuse history will be completed. This information will be gathered again later during the biopsychosocial assessment, which is completed by a therapist or certified addiction counselor.

Mental Health

It’s quite common for clients who struggle with substance use disorders to also suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders. Each day, clients have a one-on-one check in with a therapist or counselor to evaluate their mental and emotional status as well as any symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental health disorders they may be struggling with.

Family History

During the biopsychosocial assessment, clients are asked to provide in-depth information about the history of family medical, mental health, and substance use disorders to help inform medical and clinical recommendations and treatment planning.

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

Every client meets with our psychiatric nurse practitioner for an initial evaluation of their mental health and psychiatric status. Clients will be asked to share their history of mental health struggles as well as how they are currently managing them and have managed them in the past. This evaluation will determine whether or not psychiatric medications would be useful in the management of any symptoms and diagnoses.

Medication Management

It’s important for the medical and clinical staff to know what medications clients have been on in the past. If medications are prescribed by the medical team at Colorado Springs Detox Center, regular assessments of medication effectiveness will be completed in order to ensure we are providing the best and most effective care possible.

Discharge Planning Assessment

The discharge planning team works with each client individually to build a discharge plan that is unique to them. Depending on the client’s specific needs, they may be given referrals for residential, extended care, or outpatient programs for ongoing aftercare support. In addition, Sandstone Care offers a full continuum of care for clients who may appropriate to engage in the broader continuum which includes residential extended care, PHP, IOP, and therapeutic sober living.

What Happens Once You're Medically Cleared?

There are two levels of care at our center. During the first 5 to 10 days of your stay in the medical detox level of care, your physical state is closely monitored in order to ensure withdrawal symptoms are being safely and appropriately managed. During this time, you are invited to participate in group therapy and other daily group activities that occur.

Once you have been medically cleared from the detox level of care, clients then fully immerse into our clinical programming including process groups, psychoeducation groups, individual therapy, experiential activities, and recovery community meetings.

How Assessment Informs Aftercare Planning

On average, clients typically stay for ~14 days. Once medically stabilized, the treatment focus shifts to assessing any co-occurring mental health and medical needs which may need to be addressed during treatment or as part of a comprehensive discharge plan. During the residential assessment level of care, clients work with their primary therapist and discharge planner to develop a customized discharge plan to meet these clinical and medical needs.

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