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Colorado Springs Detox

A Day at Detox

Colorado Springs Detox Center is a medical detox and inpatient treatment center. We serve clients who are struggling with drugs or alcohol and co-occurring disorders including anxiety or depression. Our medical detox and inpatient assessment program is led by a highly credentialed team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, and licensed therapists.

We provide 24/7 medical care and supervision to individuals who are detoxing from drugs and alcohol, as well as therapeutic services including individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, and a comprehensive assessment program. The program’s primary focus is helping individuals safely withdrawal and then work to clinically assess and identify any underlying co-occurring mental health issues to be addressed during programming and through a comprehensive, highly individualized discharge plan.

Early Mornings: Waking Up

During the first few days of a drug and alcohol detox, rest is extremely important. Clients ease into their mornings with an hour of time specifically for waking up, getting ready for the day, and meeting with a member of the medical team. The nursing staff spends time with each client individually in order to check their vital signs, assess their withdrawal symptoms, and administer any medications that were prescribed.

After breakfast, clients are invited to join staff and their peers in the common area for a morning reading and a check-in. This is a time for clients to share how they’re feeling emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, and for staff to assess the needs of each client. A short, uplifting, recovery-related reading and discussion takes place after the check-in, with each client being given the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences on the topic.

Mid-Mornings: Letting it Out

The majority of each morning is spent in therapeutic group programming. Process groups on topics such as self-esteem, relationships, trust, and relapse prevention are led by a licensed therapist or addiction counselor.

Following process group, a wellness discussion takes place. Important topics such as nutrition, mental health, self-care, and spirituality are covered. These discussion groups provide clients

with an opportunity to express themselves and confront things that their addiction had a negative impact on.

Afternoons: Opening Up

Lunch is prepared by our on-site culinary team and served family style every day. After clients enjoy a nutritious hot lunch, they are invited to join their peers in a psychoeducation seminar. These seminars are led by one of our behavioral health technicians or certified addiction counselors. Topics covered include mindfulness, life skills, managing cravings, and coping skills.

The schedule varies throughout the week, but each afternoon is filled with things like fitness activities, art therapy, time for journaling, and discussions on mental health and recovery topics.

Evenings: Community Involvement & Winding Down

After clients eat a family style dinner, those who are medically cleared are able to venture out with staff for outings including attending recovery community meetings. Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, Refuge Recovery, and SMART Recovery meetings are all on the schedule for clients to attend.

Once clients return to the facility, they are given time to wind down and begin wrapping up their day. This is a time for clients to engage in personal hygiene, talk with peers, journal, and once again be assessed by a member of the nursing team. Medications are administered as needed, and clients are asked to join one final therapeutic group focused on mindfulness and reflection to close out the day. This “11th Step” group is a time for clients to check-in with staff once more before going to bed. Clients are asked to share how they’re doing mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They are also given the opportunity to make any amends to their peers or staff for things that were said or done during the day.

Our Length of Stay

Our program typically lasts 10 to 14 days with certain clients staying longer if clinically indicated. The Medical Detox phase typically lasts 5 to 10 days which acute cases sometimes lasting for 14+ days. Once medically cleared from detox, clients then transition to our inpatient program which includes more clinical programming, in-depth assessment work, and the development of a highly customized aftercare plan tailored to each client’s specific needs. Clients typically engage in this level of care for an additional 5-10 days.


While you are stabilizing at detox, your team works with you on a discharge plan, making recommendations to help you stay on your path of sobriety. If you live in Colorado or Maryland, we offer a full continuum of care including the option of sober living while in day treatment or intensive outpatient programming. If you live out of state, our discharge planner will help you find a therapist or treatment center and make necessary phone calls and help set up appointments with you.

We don’t leave you to figure out your substance-free life on your own. Your care team supports you beyond withdrawal, helping you with life skills, family concerns, even taking you to off-site recovery meetings. Whatever it takes to get you ready for the next step in successful treatment, we’re there to provide it.

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