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Wyoming is the least populous state in the US with a population of 579,315 in 2017. Wyoming, due to its size and low population, creates challenges in providing quality healthcare to its residents, especially in rural areas. Communities that are not located near the two major interstate highways tend to be more isolated. Drug deaths have increased by 167% in the last decade. The state ranks 32nd in health care and 48th in public health policy. Wyoming ranks 3rd in the nation in suicides, with a rate nearly double the national rate.

Wyoming is not immune to the issues around drug addiction. There were a total of 154 overdose deaths in 2016-2017. In 2018 the state experienced 40 drug overdose deaths due to opioids (rate of 6.8%) compared to the national average of 14.6%. In 2018, Wyoming providers wrote 57.1 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons compared to the average US rate of 51.4 prescriptions.

Because of Wyoming’s size and low population, it can be difficult to find high quality addiction treatment. Sandstone Care, located in Colorado, has high quality treatment for teens and young adults with residential and sober living options for those who live in Wyoming. The closest center is in Boulder.



In addition to seeking out support from addiction professionals, having a network of people that will build you up as you continue your sobriety is very important. Organizations like 12 Step Programs and SMART Recovery provide meetings that build up sober individuals and help to create a supportive community.

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