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In addition to being a leader in drug and alcohol treatment for teens and young adults, we offer high quality trainings for professionals.

Gender Expansive Clients: Diversionary Actions and Working with Family

Gender Expansive Clients presentation slide

Managing TBI & Addiction

Managing TBI & Addiction presentation slide

Introduction to Relational Accountability Part 1

Intro to Relational Accountability video thumbnail

Innovative Approaches to Safety Planning for Suicide Ideation

A clinician explains safety planning for suicide

Family Case Management: Healing Families From Addiction

Family Care management seminar thumbnail

Deepening Group Process in Psychotherapy Groups

Deepening the process in psychotherapy groups seminar thumbnail

Conquering Homework and Remote Learning

Conquering homework and remote learning seminar thumbnail

Bipolar Disorder in Children

A clinician explains bipolar disorder in children

Addressing Gambling Addiction with John Bundrick

Stepping up our game presentation slide

Relational Accountability Part 2: Application

Relational Accountability Part 2: Application video thumbnail

Ask the Experts: Talking to Your Child About Suspected Drug Use

Talking to your child about suspected drug use video thumbnail

Ask the Experts with Dietician Carrie Schimmelpfennig

Sandstone Care Dietician explains rehab for teens program

Staying Connected with Your Teen

Staying connected with your teen video thumbnail

Creating Positive Spaces for Transgender & Non-Binary Clients

Creating positive counseling spaces for transgender & non-binary clients video thumbnail

Telehealth for Therapy Overview

Telehealth video therapy - overview

An In-Depth Look at Using Telehealth in Therapy

Dr. Simons on Online Telehealth training video thumbnail

COVID-19 Treatment Panel Overview

COVID 19 Panel overview

Evolving Treatment Practices During COVID-19

COVID 19 Treatment panel video thumbnail