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Overcoming Shame and Guilt in Addiction Recovery

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Teen addiction takes a huge toll on families. Learn how to support your teen in a way that enables their recovery instead of their addiction.
Opioids, prescription pain killers, and heroin have been the underpinnings of the opioid epidemic impacting the entire nation. DC, Virginia, and Maryland, along with much of the Mid-Atlantic and North East regions have been hit particularly hard by these trends. Learn more about opioids, heroin, and addiction treatment options in the DMV.
At a recent mass overdose in California, the only thing that saved most of the people in that home was the administration of the overuse drug Narcan, which is also known as Naloxone.

Young Adults

Benzodiazepines are not a long term solution to the treatment of anxiety disorders due to their highly addictive nature. There are other, safer medications and therapies that can effectively treat anxiety.
Creating a sober support system once you leave treatment is very important in maintaining your sobriety. Here are eight tips to help you find the sober support you need.
Sandstone Care is excited to announce the formation of a new Professional Liaison Association for all of the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC area.


Getting a resistant teenager to engage in treatment can be frustrating. Here are some strategies that help you engage with your teenager.
Sandstone Care will now have certified teachers providing onsite education, life skills, and vocational support to our clients.
Most working professionals would balk at the idea of spending every evening with a bunch of teenagers struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues, but Shelli Yearsley, a primary therapist for Sandstone Care, is right where she wants to be.

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