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The Dangers of Drug Trafficking

Drug busts are seen on the news almost daily, so often in fact that it can be easy to write off the news simply as noise. But these recent drug-related headlines have prompted a much-needed discussion about addiction and recovery.
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Creating a sober support system once you leave treatment is very important in maintaining your sobriety. Here are eight tips to help you find the sober support you need.
Sandstone Care will now have certified teachers providing onsite education, life skills, and vocational support to our clients.
Sandstone Care is excited to announce the formation of a new Professional Liaison Association for all of the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC area.

Young Adults

Sandstone Care has recently opened a sober living home in the Washington DC area. For young adults, a sober living home can provide the first steps to living independently while receiving support and structure while in recovery.
Learn what signs show that your young adult is struggling. Remember that you are not alone. There is help.
We recognize the importance of your recovery community over the holiday season, and we strive to create that same feeling for the people in our sober living houses at Sandstone Care. Ben Sigley is one of the Residential Managers for our men’s sober living house in Denver, Colorado.


Most working professionals would balk at the idea of spending every evening with a bunch of teenagers struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues, but Shelli Yearsley, a primary therapist for Sandstone Care, is right where she wants to be.
Over the past 20 years, Iceland has seen a dramatic drop in teen drug and alcohol abuse due the implementation of the Iceland Model. This plan has become arguably the most progressive and effective drug prevention program for teens anywhere in the world.
Parents often wonder what their kids are getting into when it comes to early experimentation with drugs and alcohol. For those who have experimented themselves, it may be easier to tell when their teen comes home high after smoking marijuana with their friends. For parents who have less experience themselves, or who fear the drug being used is outside of their prior experience wheelhouse, this brief guide may help you know where to start.

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