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Sober Living at Sandstone Care

Sober Living for Young Adults

Our sober living homes are where young adults find support and structure early in the recovery process. Our homes are gender specific for men and women ages 18-30. Sober living homes can vary widely in terms of quality and services provided. At minimum, sober living is a drug-free, structured living environment. Recovery is about more than simply abstaining from drug or alcohol use. It is also about developing a sustainable, balanced, and independent lifestyle.

That’s why we like to call ours recovery living. Our homes combine comfort and fun with structure and accountability. They are a home away from home for young adults to reorganize themselves and stay centered on their recovery goals. Our homes are located in Denver (men's), Colorado Springs (men's), Boulder (women's) in Colorado; our Maryland home for men is located in Rockville; our other home is Sober Living Reston, located in Reston, Virginia.

Our Locations

Denver, CO (Men)

Sober Living Denver is conveniently located near the Denver clinical facility and is staffed by trained professionals seven days a week. It is also located near the light rail making it very accessible to the broader Denver Metro area.

Boulder, CO (Women)

Sober Living Boulder is a beautiful home located minutes from the Flatirons, CU-Boulder, and downtown Boulder. Young women, ages 18–30, can find a safe and supportive environment conducive to recovery.

Colorado Springs , CO (Men)

Sober living Colorado Springs is located north of the Colorado Springs center, and near public transportation making it accessible to the broader Colorado Springs Metro area. The home is nestled in the mountains with a serene panoramic view.

North Bethesda Sober Living

A spacious and beautiful home where young adult men (18-30) find a safe and supportive environment conducive to recovery.

Reston, VA (Men)

Sober Living Reston is a beautiful home located just south of Reston, VA near local public transit services for convenient access to all Fairfax has to offer. This location is for young adult men (ages 18-30) who are in early recovery and need to stay in a safe, drug-free home.

How is Sober Living Helpful?

Recovery living can be especially helpful for young adults (ages 18–30) who are in the following situations:

  • Need support in developing healthy lifestyle habits and developing life skills
  • Would benefit from a supportive substance-free living environment
  • Are in transition
  • Struggle to live independently
  • Find that living with family is creating too much strain on their relationships

7 Reasons to Live at our Sober Living Homes

You’ll Build Community

Residents in recovery living are part of a community where they support each other in developing life skills and creating community.

You’ll Gain Life Skills

Residents participate in household life by contributing to communal chores, keeping their rooms neat, doing their own laundry, and cooking meals together, to name a few.

You'll Get to Practice Independence

Residents have independence and the opportunity to work and socialize outside the house, while coming back to a supportive environment.

You’ll Room With People Like You

Some sober living facilities combine residents of all ages and genders. Our recovery living is gender-specific and age-specific: young men, ages 18-30; and young women, ages 18–30.

You’ll Stay in a Beautiful, Spacious Home

We want residents to feel comfortable and take a sense of pride and ownership in living in and contributing to a pleasant and well-taken care of space.

You’ll Be Safe & Supported

Our recovery living residences are staffed by experienced and caring professionals who are in the residence anytime that residents are present.

You’ll Have Fun

In addition to recreational spaces at the home, residents get to participate in weekend activities, such as, hiking in a nearby park, racing go karts, or playing volleyball.

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