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Noah Savage

House Manager

Noah Savage is the House Manager at North Bethesda Transitional Living in Rockville, Maryland. Noah brings a unique and highly personal perspective to his role, having once been a client in the very type of treatment center he now oversees. His journey from recovery to leadership equipped him with invaluable insights and empathy, which he now channels into supporting others on their paths to sobriety.

Noah’s professional credentials include a RAD-T certification from California, where he began his career in addiction treatment. He is also CPR certified, ensuring a safe environment for all residents under his care. Noah’s approach to therapy is centered around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a modality he believes in strongly due to its effectiveness in helping individuals dealing with alcoholism and addiction.

A key aspect of Noah’s philosophy is his openness about his own experiences with addiction and recovery. He emphasizes to his residents that he is no different from them and could find himself in their situation at any time. This humble approach fosters a strong, relatable bond with those he helps, enhancing the therapeutic relationship. Noah appreciates the dual-natured learning environment of the program, where he not only imparts knowledge but also learns from the residents themselves.

Noah is passionate about meeting like-minded individuals and helping them discover a new way of life, free from addiction. He finds deep fulfillment in showing others that recovery is possible, and that life can be rewarding and full without substance dependence.

Outside of work, Noah is an avid enthusiast of the arts, with interests in photography and music. These hobbies provide him with creative outlets and further ways to connect with the community and individuals he serves.

Noah values the time he spends with his loved ones and is always ready to extend his companionship to those who might be feeling alone or in need of support. His approachable nature and dedication to his work make him a beloved and respected figure at North Bethesda Transitional Living.