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Julia Mason

Discharge Planner

Julia Mason is the Discharge Planner at Sandstone Care Detox Center in Chantilly, where she plays a pivotal role in ensuring clients have a seamless transition from treatment to recovery. Julia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Addiction and Recovery Studies, equipping her with the foundational knowledge necessary to assist those in recovery effectively. 

Though Sandstone Care is her first professional foray into the mental health and substance use field, Julia brings enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to her role. She is deeply committed to understanding and addressing the unique needs and obstacles of each client. Her primary goal is to facilitate a tailored recovery plan that best suits each individual’s situation, ensuring they have the support needed to continue their journey beyond the detox center. 

Julia is passionate about the personal interactions that her role entails. She values the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with clients from diverse backgrounds, focusing on them as whole individuals rather than solely their addiction or challenges. This approach not only helps in forming strong bonds but also enhances the effectiveness of her planning by incorporating a comprehensive view of each client’s life and needs. 

Outside of her professional life, Julia enjoys indulging in her love for reading, painting, and taking walks. These activities provide her with a creative outlet and time for personal reflection, which she finds vital for maintaining her well-being and enthusiasm for her work. 

Julia cherishes the time spent with her family and friends, finding strength and inspiration in these relationships. Her commitment to her clients at Sandstone Care, combined with her personal passions and supportive social network, makes her a compassionate and dedicated member of the healthcare team.