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Jamie Kanter, LMFT

Young Adult Family Therapist

Jamie Kanter brings a warm and insightful approach to her role as a Young Adult Family Therapist at Sandstone Care Reston, drawing on a rich background in marriage and family therapy. With a Master of Arts in the field from Syracuse University obtained in 2015, Jamie has dedicated her career to understanding and addressing the intricate dynamics of mental health, especially within family systems. Before joining the Sandstone Care team, she honed her skills in various settings, including schools and clinics, working with individuals, couples, and families on a broad spectrum of issues from anxiety and depression to trauma and life transitions. 

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Jamie’s therapeutic philosophy is anchored in person-centered and family systems modalities. She has a special knack for working with young adults, crafting sessions that foster deep understanding and connection within families. Jamie is passionate about creating a therapeutic environment where every family member feels seen and heard, believing that such an atmosphere can unveil profound insights and strengthen familial bonds. 

Jamie’s aim in her therapeutic work goes beyond individual healing; she is committed to enhancing communication within families, bridging gaps in understanding, and facilitating a nurturing environment where every member can thrive. Her approach is gentle yet effective, inviting families to embark on a journey toward mutual respect, understanding, and love. 

Outside of her professional life, Jamie embraces adventure and creativity through rock climbing and crocheting, activities that reflect her dynamic personality and love for challenges. Whether she’s scaling a rock wall or intricately weaving yarn, Jamie finds joy and relaxation in these hobbies, balancing the demands of her career with personal fulfillment. 

In her leisure time, Jamie cherishes moments with her friends, partner, and dog, valuing the simple pleasures of companionship and love. Her life is a beautiful blend of professional dedication and personal passions, making Jamie Kanter a compassionate and skilled therapist who enriches the lives of those she touches both inside and outside the therapy room.