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Christopher Isbell, LPCC

Young Adult Dual Diagnosis PHP Therapist

Christopher Isbell is a dynamic Young Adult Dual Diagnosis PHP Therapist at Interlocken, where he brings a unique blend of mindfulness and transpersonal counseling skills to his practice. Christopher graduated from the Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling program at Naropa University and is currently expanding his expertise through yearlong training to become a psychedelic-assisted therapist. 

As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), Christopher employs a variety of therapeutic approaches, including humanistic/client-centered therapy, Gestalt, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), mindfulness practices, and transpersonal psychology. These methods underscore his commitment to addressing the individual needs of his clients by fostering self-awareness, personal growth, and healing in a holistic manner. 

Christopher’s therapeutic style is particularly noted for its intention to make group sessions meaningful, practical, entertaining, and enjoyable. He believes in creating a therapeutic environment that is engaging and beneficial, helping clients to actively participate in their recovery journey. 

One of the aspects Christopher loves most about his role is witnessing the incremental steps clients take towards achieving their broader life goals. He values the feedback that his efforts have significantly impacted someone’s life, finding it both inspiring and affirming of his chosen career path. 

Outside of his professional life, Christopher has a rich array of personal interests. He is deeply involved in meditation, attends live music events where he enjoys dancing, and actively participates in snowboarding, yoga, and gym workouts. These activities not only provide him with personal fulfillment but also keep him connected to his core values of wellness and community engagement.