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Sandstone Care is Proud to Announce a new and exciting Partnership With Sober AF Entertainment!

Sandstone Care has always taken pride in doing our best to provide sober activities and support services for individuals in the recovery community. We regularly offer events for our alumni, and support groups for parents of teens and young adults who are struggling with substance abuse. In an effort to do more to support the recovery community, Sandstone Care has partnered with Sober AF Entertainment!

Sober AF Entertainment, or SAFE, has a goal of creating sober safe zones at sporting events, concerts, and other events where drugs and alcohol are often commonly consumed. In addition to creating and maintaining these sober safe zones, they also offer sober tailgates in an effort to engage the community.

Ultimately, they want to create safe spaces in fun places!

Our first event in partnership with SAFE will be a Rockies vs Dodgers baseball game taking place on June 29th, 2019. A sober tailgate will take place at The Phoenix in Denver before heading to the diamond to support our team!

Please visit our events page for future SAFE events along with other events that Sandstone Care is hosting.