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Life Balance Connections was founded by therapist Shane Hodges in February of 2018. Shane, a Licensed Professional Counselor, felt a need for high quality mental health therapists for Colorado Community members. Therapists would have the peace of mind to refer clients to other members within the directory with confidence.

“Through my work with clients, and my networking efforts within the profession, it seemed clear there was a significant need for a strong community of trusted professionals and a list of quality resources. I wanted to help my clients AND colleagues by creating a site that brings those things together in one place. My hope, is that as a community, we can all help elevate mental health in Colorado.

Life Balance Connections is an online directory of therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and other healing professionals. Colorado professionals interested in joining the network must apply to be considered and are vetted by a review board that reviews applications. Therapists can list up to three specialities. To be considered a therapist must hold a Colorado license in their field, post licensure experience, and submit an essay about why they are in the profession and why they want to be on the site.

Hodges reports that the focus is quality over quantity with a focus on collaboration and support among members. Membership fees include exclusive benefits available only to those admitted into the directory.

“Our goal is to have a group of safe and reliable people you can refer to in good confidence.”

In addition to the online therapist directory, the website also offers a resource guide that covers such topics as depression, chronic pain, anxiety, trauma, communication skills, parenting, sexuality, and personal growth.

The vision for Life Balance Connections: Integrity, Professionalism and Collaboration. If you are interested in learning more about the directory or submitting your application, check out the website.

Life Balance Connections

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