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Partnering with Sandstone Care

Sandstone Care is led by a highly credentialed team of psychiatrists, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to treating young adults and teenagers who struggle with substance abuse, addiction, and co-occurring disorders.

Partnering with treatment professionals is a foundational component of our treatment program and is recognized as being critically important to improving continuity of care and ultimately achieving long-term, successful outcomes with our clients. Together we make a real difference in the lives of the clients we work with.

For Professionals

Sandstone Care provides a full continuum of care for clients ages 13-30, but sometimes we are not able to provide services for some clients. This is why we partner with a variety of mental health and substance abuse treatment providers in order to provide the best care possible to clients in the Virginia and DC area.

Providing integrative and collaborative care is an important part of healthcare. By partnering with organizations and healthcare professionals that provide quality and consistent care, we are able to create the strongest and most effective treatment team possible.

Referring Clients to Sandstone Care

When you make a professional referral to Sandstone Care, you become our valued partner from the beginning to end.

Professionals can refer their clients to Sandstone Care by reaching out our admissions department 7 days a week or by contacting their local Community Outreach Ambassador who can act as a liaison during the referral process.

If it is determined that Sandstone Care is not the right program for your client, we will initiate what we call a “warm transfer.” Whether this happens after a clinical assessment or at initial call with our admissions team we will always provide you with the right resource, contact information, and a warm transfer to that provider.

While Sandstone Care offers a full continuum of care, some of our services may require you to travel in order to access them. Our specially trained admissions coordinators will assess your individual needs and situation to properly provide a recommendation of traveling to one of our programs or providing a local warm transfer to a more geographically convenient provider.

Working for Us

We are always focused on improving the lives of young people, which is why we make it our goal to hire individuals who have a similar goal. If you are passionate about working with teens and young adults, and believe in Sandstone Care's Inspire and Empower Change mission, we encourage you to reach out and apply for various positions at our Virginia office.

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