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Ross Chalmer

House Manager

Ross A. Chalmer leads with dedication as the House Manager at Reston Transitional Living in Fairfax, Virginia. His role is backed by a personal journey of recovery and professional training, currently pursuing an Associate of Science in Psychology and Human Services at Northern Virginia Community College while working towards his Certified Substance Abuse Counselor certification. Additionally, Ross is trained as a Peer Recovery Specialist and holds a certification as a Notary Public.

Ross specializes in Peer Recovery Support Services (PRSS) and group therapy, primarily working with adults aged 18 and older. His approach to therapy is deeply rooted in his own experiences as an addict with over ten years of sobriety, actively participating in the recovery community, working with a sponsor, and adhering to a recovery program. This background allows him to offer genuine, empathetic support and guidance to others facing similar challenges.

Ross’s passion lies in mentoring and assisting young adults to embrace their potential and improve their lives significantly. Through his role in human services, Ross leverages his experiences, strength, and hope to effectively support individuals struggling with mental illness and substance use disorders.

One of Ross’s favorite aspects of being a mental health provider is witnessing the transformation in his clients when they find their confidence and passion for recovery. He enjoys seeing clients learn to live a fulfilling life without reliance on substances, celebrating their newfound happiness and freedom.