Our Approach to Treatment

The Relentless Pursuit of Successful Clinical Outcomes

At Sandstone Care, our commitment is to clinical excellence and unparalleled care.

It is our team’s passion and dedication to the following components of our approach that creates a sense of community where clients are excited to participate in our program and move on to a sustainable, new way of life.

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Evidence-Based Curriculum

We developed our evidence-based curriculum with the latest available research to address our clients’ deepest physical, mental, and emotional issues. It is our goal to truly reach the root of the substance use or addiction. We include the following in our programs:

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Age Appropriate Care

The needs of adolescents and young adults are unique. Their brains and bodies are still developing, their need for peer connection is at an all-time high, and they are struggling to develop a strong and healthy self-image in the face of a rapidly-changing world influenced by social media and technology. They also face the pressures of school and/or entering the job market for the first time. For example, we include academic and vocational support in our programs.

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Individualized and Family Treatment

We focus on the individual and the family. After our comprehensive assessment, we develop an individualized treatment plan to meet each client’s needs. We rely on our clinical framework to help each client discover their own values and beliefs, strengths, and passions. We also believe it’s essential to involve the entire family in the treatment process, so we have individual family therapy and multi-family groups.

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Our Unique Clinical Framework

In creating an individualized program, our unique CLICC Framework establishes five pillars of success for both our clients and therapists. These five pillars allow our therapists to both hone in on a client’s strengths and identify any areas in a client’s recovery that are lacking in order reach that critical breakthrough moment, or the “click,” for each individual to achieve sustainable recovery.

Commitment to Sustainable Change

To achieve a new sustainable lifestyle, individuals and families must accept that meaningful change is vital and necessary. We believe the development of values and beliefs is the first step in providing the foundation for this change. Our clinical team, families and the individual must work together to develop this set of values in order to drive a new lifestyle and realize sustainable change.

Life Skills Development

For teens and young adults, it’s a time of opportunity to develop, but it’s also often a time of confusion and new challenges. Unfortunately, many teens turn to substance use to cope with new challenges and everyday stress. At Sandstone, individuals will learn coping skills and they’ll continue the process of defining who they are so they can tackle life’s challenges with confidence. Clinicians call this experience identity formation. In academia it’s called your major! We recognize that when clients see their schoolwork and career choices as expressions of who they are, they flourish, and that’s our goal.

Integrity to Values

Individuals can discover and restore the values their family holds dear while growing a sense of personal responsibility. With a stronger sense of integrity, clients can cultivate their own values, beliefs and passions for living that will continue to keep them strong in the face of temptation.

Connection to Others

Through group therapy, clients can develop healthy and authentic relationships that aren’t based on a desire for substance use. It’s also an opportunity to reestablish relationships with family members and other loved ones. Establishing stable relationships in a safe community can positively reinforce the individual’s commitment to change.

Community Support System

The goal of every Sandstone Care treatment plan is the implementation of a new and sustainable way of life. Clients will identify classes, hobbies and develop community support systems which will contribute to a refreshed, balanced and sober lifestyle that help sustain lasting recovery.

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