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Sandstone Care is excited to announce the opening of a new Recovery Living Residence for young women, ages 18 to 30! It is only 10 minutes from the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus and provides a high level of community, support, and accountability to help you launch your life in recovery.  We are very excited to help meet the need for high-quality sober living in the Boulder area, for more information, contact us!

Sandstone Care Sober Living Services Include:

  • High quality accommodations
  • On site supervision 7 days a week
  • On site medication management
  • Joint Commission compliant residences
  • Transportation provided
  • Experienced and trained staff

Boulder’s Thriving Recovery Community

Boulder, Colorado is known as a college town and a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, but what many people don’t realize is that there is a thriving recovery community there as well. The University of Colorado in Boulder has one of the leading collegiate recovery and sober communities in the nation.  They offer a safe place at the university student center and put on a plethora of sober events.  In addition, Phoenix Multisport has a chapter in Boulder and hosts weekly climbing, hiking, and fitness classes for individuals in recovery to immerse themselves in.  Lastly, Boulder is right at the base of the Rocky Mountains, providing unmatched access to skiing, hiking, climbing, biking, camping, and fishing.  Here’s some information on the Boulder, Colorado recovery scene.

What to Look for when selecting a Sober Living in Colorado

There are several options and things to consider when looking for sober living accommodations.  It’s important to be diligent and to ask questions about any environment you plan to move into to make sure it will meet your needs.

The Staff

Some houses are self-run, like Oxford House, which uses a democratic model to manage the day-to-day of the home. This model can be very empowering and affordable. The downside is that it requires a baseline of stability from all members.

Other houses are run by hired staff who are trained to manage the residence.  These houses may be connected to treatment programs or they may simply be more structured sober living accommodations.

Certain sober living residences require participants to be involved in aftercare clinical programming as well, which can be very helpful for those early in recovery or having recently completed a 30 or 60-day residential treatment program.

When looking for sober living, make sure you know how the house operates and what qualification the staff members have.


Residences tend to vary in quality, largely dependent on location and cost.  Finding a beautiful and well-kept sober house helps restore order and self-respect to its residents.

We advise that you tour all of your prospective housing options to see how you feel in the residence. Is it an inviting place? Does it feel organized or chaotic? Is there parking for your car or is transportation available if you don’t have your own?


Many sober houses require you to attend 12 step meetings or join for weekend activities. Boulder is a great place to live if you like getting outside, so ask if there are organized trips to get into the foothills or do other cool activities. Find the place that aligns best with what you are passionate about.


One way to tell if a house is professionally managed is to look for ones that are accredited. Colorado currently doesn’t require accreditation for its sober living residence which can lead to a lot of variability in quality standards.  When possible, seek out residences that are accredited by the Joint Commission or CARF.

Age Specific & Gender Specific Housing

There are many housing options for adult men of all ages, but it can be harder to find sober housing for women. Providing a safe and supportive environment can be especially important for young women to maintain their sobriety. Women tend to feel more comfortable expressing vulnerable feelings and feel more empowered to take care of themselves when living with other women.

When everyone in the house is in the same age group, they can connect easily to each other’s triumphs and struggles. The goal in early recovery is to feel safe and successful. Feeling comfortable in one’s living situation promotes lasting recovery.

Recovery Living at Rally Point, Boulder

Sandstone Care is excited to be able to offer age-specific recovery living for young women. We were fortunate enough to find a beautiful house in a peaceful setting. We have accommodations for 12 women, with 5 bathrooms, large common areas and a serene patio and yard.

The house is staffed 7 days a week and offers outdoor activities on the weekends. All residents attend treatment at our Broomfield facilities and transportation is provided between the two locations.

Check out our approach to see if Sandstone Care offers the right treatment for you. Our Extended Care treatment is a great option for people who are stepping down from an inpatient or wilderness therapy program as well as for people looking to start or continue as a student in Boulder.