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Danny Interviews Priscilla

February 18, 2019

Danny chatting with Priscilla, one of our incredible Admissions team members, about why she chose this industry and how she uniquely serves her clients.

Danny Colella: Hey. What’s up, everybody? My name is Danny Colella, and, today, I’m sitting here with Priscilla, who is on the admission teams here at Sandstone Care, and, today, we’re going to have a short conversation with Priscilla about why she works here, why she works in this industry and how she inspires and empowers change. Priscilla, thanks for coming and hanging out with us today. This is your first Facebook live you’ve ever done.

Priscilla: It is.

Danny Colella: She feels the fears. She feels the bugs, so, if you’re watching, give her some thumbs up and some love. Priscilla, why don’t you explain what you do here, what your role is here at Sandstone Care?

Priscilla: Yes. My name is Priscilla, and I’m the admissions coordinator, part of a team of four, five at Sandstone Care, and what we do is we support the family on the front ends when they call in to inquire about our program or any other questions that they may have about substance use or mental health or behavioral issues.

Danny Colella: Love it, so you’re that first, your team, you and that … your team are that first line of contact when somebody finally gets the courage to pick up and call and really inquire about resources, right?

Priscilla: Yes.

Danny Colella: That’s you guys.

Priscilla:  Yes.

Danny Colella: There’s a lot of jobs you could be doing, and you chose Sandstone Care … and, to be honest, this girl is very passionate about what she does, so you’ll catch that throughout this … but why do you … What impact do you want to make in this industry? Why did you choose this industry? What means most to you when you do this?

Priscilla: Yeah, so, I myself, I’m in recovery for about five years now, and I didn’t have the experience of going through substance use treatment or anything like that, but I obviously had my own experience of getting through that. When I found Sandstone, I had been through a lot of other jobs where it was a clock-in-and-clock-out type of deal. There wasn’t much follow through with clients that I was working with, and something was missing. I wasn’t very proud of the work I was doing, and I spent a whole year trying to look for a job that would feel meaningful, which I finally did here at Sandstone in my first interview actually. I remember, when they spoke about core values and what their mission was, and I said, “That’s very nice to hear. I hope I see that,” and I actually do. Day to day, I see they do what they say they do, and they mean it.

I remember one time, my first week here, I went over to the program director and I said, “Oh, my God, they’re doing group in there. It’s really happening,” because that actually wasn’t happening where I was working, so it was really nice to see, and the best part of it is to see the front end of it and then, when they graduate, to see, to hear the stories of how they got in is just … I always cry.

Danny Colella: That’s amazing. Yeah, I can tell you’re emotion about the work you do and you really carry it from a deep spot in your heart and this means a lot to you. When you find somebody like this where it means a lot to them, man, that’s a great thing because we love people like you that care about what they do every do. As far as before you got to Sandstone Care, what’s a little bit of your background? You were in recovery, you said?

Priscilla: Yep. Yeah. I struggled with substance use, alcohol when I was about 13, and I had no choice but to get sober when I was about 21, and, yeah, it’s been a rough ride, but it’s good. I mean, it’s way better than it was, and I, professionally, have been … I studied psychology, of course, and did the whole master thing and everything and wanted to help people, but I found a way to help people without being completely involved in their lives …

Danny Colella: I love it.

Priscilla: … and trying to just be a guide to that process.

Danny Colella: I love it. Your past is you also had a history of substance abuse. You also overcame that history of substance abuse, and now you’re in a role to serve people literally on the frontline. You’re the cavalry of Sandstone Care because you’re getting that very first phone call to value, to empower, to really accept somebody for where they’re at and where they’re at in this process. What I love about what you said is you carry a lot of integrity in your role. You don’t necessarily … Just because somebody calls you, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to be coming to Sandstone Care, right?

Priscilla: Right. Right.

Danny Colella: Explain a little bit more about that.

Priscilla: Yeah. If anybody calls Sandstone Care, I’m not looking to … and, hopefully, the team works this way. We don’t look for them or look at ways for them to come to our program and how they can fit us. We’re looking more for … and this is why we connect with other people, because our program isn’t for everybody …

Danny Colella: Totally.

Priscilla: … and there’s other great programs out there that we can connect people with, and if we can just make sure that everybody gets the right treatment, that would be amazing.

Danny Colella: Yeah, so it’s more important to you that you hear the situation, you hear what’s going on, how old somebody is, what issues they’re having, where they’re at in the process. Go over some discovery questions you ask when somebody calls. How do you get to the bottom of that?

Priscilla: Right. Parents call very stressed out and …

Danny Colella:  Totally.

Priscilla:   … not really knowing what’s going on, and the first thing is, “Can I get an assessment?” and I’m like, “Okay. We need to slow down a little bit.”

Danny Colella:  You mean that, meaning …

Priscilla: Right.

Danny Colella: … I want to get you to the right place.

Priscilla: I want to get to know you and get to know …

Danny Colella: Yes.

Priscilla:  … what’s going on in order for me to give the right recommendation, so just asking age, what’s going on in the family and then figuring out if we can assist them in an assessment or just make a direct referral, and when we make a referral, we don’t want to just give them a mainline number. It’s more of a, “I’ve already talked to this person.”

Danny Colella:  I’m going to hand you off.

Priscilla:  “This is their situation and take care of them,” and then, if it makes sense, they can step down or continue their journey elsewhere, but we want to make sure that they really get connected.

Danny Colella: I love that, and you spend time getting to know other programs. Sandstone plays amazingly well with other programs because you guys are happy to say, “This person is ideally a great fit for you and maybe not a great fit for us,” and, again, that word is integrity. You have an intense amount of integrity and you really care about what you do, and I love that about you.

How do you uniquely serve your clients? We did talk a little bit earlier about this, and this is really … One of your passions is really making sure that you honor and get them to the right sport, right?

Priscilla: Right. It’s more just listening and being there for parents mostly. Especially moms, when they call in, they call in typically with feeling really empowered that they did and give all this information, and the moment that you ask them, “How are you doing?” it all falls apart, and all you have to be is on the phone, like just stay there breathing and knowing that you’re there. Yeah.

Danny Colella: For any parent watching, I mean, that’s pretty normal. That’s-

Priscilla: Yeah. I mean, it took her just to call in …

Danny Colella: Totally.

Priscilla:  … and what we do is we check in. Even if we didn’t connect fully that one time, we’ll say, “Okay, you’re not ready. That’s okay. We’ll connect you with outside resources and we’ll check in,” and then, when we check in, it’s so … It’s an amazing experience for my … for the team and the parent because we actually followed up, we said we did what we said we were going to do…

Danny Colella: Yeah, it’s powerful.

Priscilla: … and it feels good for us because we’re following up with people and not just looking to see who we can get in and things like that.

Danny Colella: Totally.

Priscilla: For example, I recently just had a conversation where the mom who was like, “I don’t believe in coincidences, but you called me at the right time,” and obviously I had nothing to do with that. I just called at the right time, and that was really powerful for her, so that’s really good.

Danny Colella: I love that, so, if you’re a parent right now watching this or a loved one or a teen or anybody that might benefit from the style of care here at Sandstone and might want to reach out to Priscilla, you can visit sandstone.com at any time, the number is always right at the top for you to have a phone call conversation, and figure out if it is a good fit because we don’t want people hurting for long. That’s why we do this.

We want to give you some information about the program, about the people behind the scenes so that we may limit the pain that you go through, because we validate your pain. It’s not fun to go through that, and it may not be happening to friends or family or it may not be happening in their immediate circle, but we validate it’s happening, and we want you to be able to reach somebody that’s going to really embrace you, value that conversation and point you in the right direction.

How did you end up working with the Sandstone Care team? I love the story. You did some serious job dating, right?

Priscilla: I did some, yeah.

Danny Colella: Yeah.

Priscilla: I did a lot of interviews. I was exhausted.

Danny Colella: You did like a yearlong interview track, right?

Priscilla: I did do a yearlong, yep.

Danny Colella: You were unhappy where you were because it wasn’t fulfilling to you, and you were really searching for somewhere that matched your integrity. Right?

Priscilla:  Yeah, because I always seemed to be fighting with the man, if that makes sense.

Danny Colella: Yeah. Totally.

Priscilla: That wasn’t very productive, so, yeah, I told myself in 2017 I was going to find my dream job, and this was going to be it …

Danny Colella:  Love it.

Priscilla:  … and I even told my mom. I said, “I have to do this. I don’t know any other way,” and she said, “You know, all you have to do is collect your paycheck and go home.” I’m like, “I can’t live this way.”

Danny Colella: No. It’s something very important to you …

Priscilla: Yeah.

Danny Colella: … because you’ve done that and you ended up finding you weren’t fulfilled.

Priscilla: Right.

Danny Colella: What brought you here? What really happened?

Priscilla: Once I finally found Sandstone, I interviewed, and they threw through the hoops.

Danny Colella: Because they do, right? It’s pretty intensive.

Priscilla: They do about four to five interviews, and they are very thorough, which I really appreciated, and, yeah, everything I had an interaction with one of the employees or one of the supervisors, it was just like … It was mind-blowing. I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was-

Danny Colella: I love this.

Priscilla: I was like, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” and I saw it. It was right there.

Danny Colella: How long have you been here now?

Priscilla: A year. I just had my one year, and it feels like a lot more because I feel so at home and I’m very protective and passionate about Sandstone as we all are, and the culture here is very important to maintain.

Danny Colella: I love that because I remember talking to you the other day and you said that, before this, you didn’t know what that word was.

Priscilla: Right. Right.

Danny Colella: Culture, it wasn’t even in your-

Priscilla: It-

Danny Colella: You knew it was a vocabulary word, but, for you, you haven’t had the chance or, let’s be honest, the life experience to really formulate what that means, and what have you really found that means here?

Priscilla: Yeah. Here, it means being transparent and being vulnerable not only with our clients, but with the employees ourselves, the whole team. It’s not my team. It’s our team. It’s not me. It’s we, and really honing on those characteristics is like … It’s all a conversation collaboration. It’s not …

Danny Colella:  Totally.

Priscilla: … unilateral decisions. Everything is explained. They don’t hide secrets. You know why there’s a regulation. There’s a reason behind it. Everything just makes sense.

Danny Colella:  You would say this is an organization that understands that if their people are healthy, then the organization is healthy?

Priscilla: So much support for employees as well.

Danny Colella: I love that. Yeah, I get that from you from having that conversation with you. How do you really inspire and empower change? We see this right behind us, “Inspire and Empower Change.”

Priscilla: Our mission.

Danny Colella: We’ve heard a lot from you about how you inspire change and empower change and a lot of that integrity, but what else can you see really … you really … in this industry, really want to inspire and empower with?

Priscilla: Yeah. I think, personally, I want to empower parents …

Danny Colella: I love it.

Priscilla: … to really educate themselves as to what’s going on out there.

Danny Colella: Yes.

Priscilla: If we can provide that knowledge, that’s great, empower them to make the big decisions, the difficult decisions with their kids.

Danny Colella: Yes.

Priscilla: I say parents, but there’s also spouses and all that, but family members really putting their foot down and saying, “This is … You know, you need to do this,” or, “This is another route we can go.” A parent is sometimes, the person that calls, is defeated already …

Danny Colella: Totally.

Priscilla:  … and has tried, and this is the 20th time they’re calling some place, so I really want to … I mean, it’s difficult every time, every time you call back, so, yeah, that’s-

Danny Colella: I love that, and you really want to just value that, and that’s the theme you’re hearing this whole time, and I’ve gotten the chance to know Priscilla really well throughout this process, which is amazing to really to get to know you on your level, but she’s here to help, and whenever you reach out to Sandstone Care to have a conversation, even if you’re ready to just explore or, let’s be honest, [inaudible 00:12:47] reach anybody, maybe you’re a family member or a loved one and you are an advocate for that family … Has that ever happened …

Priscilla: Yeah. Yes.

Danny Colella: … when somebody calls and they’re like, “Hey, can you let me know a little bit about it because I want to work with my friends or family?”

Priscilla: Yeah, or like, ” I want just more information so I can present it to them,” or …

Danny Colella: I love that.

Priscilla:  … “Preparing something for them,” so that would be … Yeah, anything we can do really, and it doesn’t matter what it is. We can help out.

Danny Colella: Because when you dial the number, you’re going to get Priscilla or one of her teammates. They’re all in the same room upstairs. They’re going to answer that phone call and they’re really going to honor you with what you’re going through because they know it’s hard.

If you want to find out more about Sandstone Care, you can visit www.sandstonecare.com. All the information is there. There’s some great blogs, some great resources. If you liked today’s content, if this was inspiring and empowering to you … and Priscilla did a great job, so let’s all give her a round of applause …

Priscilla: I’ll give myself-

Danny Colella:  … or, yeah, if you’re proud of Priscilla and the job she did, then there’s one way you can help us get this message to more people that could be hurting right now, and that is to click the share button and get this information out there, because we do this because we want to get to the feed of somebody that’s hurting so that they can see there’s an option in their life for what they’re going through, and, if you haven’t already, make sure you comment and say hi to Priscilla. Let her know you stopped by. Let her know you support her and let her know she did a great job … because you did a wonderful job today.

Priscilla: All right. Thank you.

Danny Colella: That was Sandstone Care Inspire and Empower Change, and stay tuned because there’ll be more live episodes coming soon.


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